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At 8:23pm on February 20, 2011, Bobby Z said…
maybe put some crazy photos here...youve got a freaky life...flaunt it..why be shy..............its bad enough that your 2 prudish to date a retatd like me...
At 6:49pm on January 9, 2011, Bobby Z said…
i keep tryin to call but my friends with phones are unreliable and your schedule is all over the place..i guess u forgot to check in at lazy poets........which would be good so u could give me your gonna figure out how to use it but im gettin snagged on little things which are supposed to be simple...there is no one i know whos very good with computers...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
At 4:30pm on January 6, 2011, Bobby Z said…
hey apparently people can read our personal comments on u have a private email  cos i dont know how to use these computers    good...........but im just here piddlin away...forced to go back to workk.....i was gonna take a year off to lasted 6 out of cash and miracles for booze which is actually way better,,,,my meditations are way clearer..however the life trauma pain is very difficult...luckily i have the tools to break it down...sumthing called patience....which i forgot to learn...and another friend called focus.....which id never heard im dreamin of a house in town soon..let me know what yer feelin......much quieter town....nature escapes a 5 minute drive away....hey...........oh shit i realized that we dont need to buy land for a retreat or a gay spa if u already have farm..the tricky part is convincing your parents to fuck off for the weekend so we can trash their uptight white persons house with rabiod gangs of horny young male prostitute twinkies  who love to get reamed for cheap pleasure whilst high on poppers ,yes extreeme prostate rubbings....or we could skip that and just do a holistic spa.....the spa would make tons of cash but wed have to put them in trailers or they wouldnt trash the place.....good money though.....of course id invest it into houses for crazy people and homeless......any profits would go to africa to make more houses, the self sustainable type because the governments over there are so corrupt they just steal the money.
At 3:50pm on January 4, 2011, Bobby Z said…
cont----just let her intuition guide,,either way i gotta invest my mothers cash very fucking soon cos she just had another fucking stroke.....and is not exactly doing super hot..and if she kacks  were all fucked cos the bank wont touch me or you....and my 5 schizo guys and i willl be fucked out in the trash into utter darkness instead of contributing massively to the collective..........................anyway ill find time to call u soon    ciao bunny......chocolate bunny
At 7:04pm on January 3, 2011, Bobby Z said…
hey ill try to phone u tonight just checkin to see if your floatin around out there....your vibe is much more pleasant in virtual world than brians...weve been thru tons o shit but hes scorning me to hell by preaching that i dont deserve to own a house and i should suffer and not cheat the system by gettin my mother to buy a house...brain doesnt want me on easy street cos then he couldnt control me..this will backfire..his darkside is not strong enough to keep me down...these people are channeling the darkside and my mission is to break free of that..the more they piss me off the stronger i will get..they are very foolish evil clowns..the darkside has no real power but they are acting beeligerent and low class.....rotten thieves they still our light and park on our timeline time bandits or time rapists surprised they dont call the cops and kill me for nothing..thats what evils like..they dont like to be exposed cos it makes them weak and dissolve ..too bad get off my cloud........................hows that for an adrenaline coffe little cofffee prayer
At 6:26pm on December 31, 2010, Bobby Z said…
yes not evil revenge but divine justice in the power of the white light..we are light and not darkness we  just forgot..i will help them remember this and to absolutely not put their shit on me........i dont give a shit if they wake up or not just get the hell away from me so i dont get a stroke from the rage ,,,im too conscious to be around minds so chained and dangerously unconscious...yes get yerself away from these people on your days off to burn off the negativity before they start murdering each other physically or spiritually or whichever...i will build you a cult farm of safety for your own school..i have an army of nice people out here.....heavily medicated but nice.....artists and shit,,,,ciao
At 6:22pm on December 31, 2010, Bobby Z said…

oh yeah your fear just creates more of that,,everything is self created but hard to stop in toronto when so much evil channels in there thru 5 million psychos.......30 mins north of guelph is quite peaceful and dirt cheap.....maybe we could interest free loans from people if we did charity work for george w***** be fuckin famous and a force for the good side....maybe counsel retard and fuck ups like i centres are awesome and trees suck out the negativity better than anything aand put sane positive energy in ..noo wonder you get drunk and angry your environment is beyond evil and your parents just dont care cos they just dont know.  let me know in the next month if your at all interested in being involved in this nature thing ,otherwise ill hook it up with tom,,,,,he actually has the cash and i think its only 10 grand down to buy somethin cheap and i have renters lined up that willl cover the mortgage plus a profit of over 1000 bucks per mth..........these guys are on pensions so they r perfect tenants...permanent tenants who pay direct deposit from their pensions so absolutely no bullshit like regular real estate investment....anyway im beyond frustrated that no one wants to workk with me on this so ive gone sucking up to the church i have faith that theyu can break me out of the insanity of every other evill asshole in my life who not only wont help me to safety but who tear me to shreds for even suggest that  i deserve anything,,meanwhile i dont do evil but thats how they treat me going to record the bastard and jan first 2012 im gonna dump it on u tube and let these cocksuckers be exposed and eat dirt.....they should not fuck with me or put me down or curse me with their evil words..the more evil they try to put on me...just makes me stronger and the universal powers will present them with top prizes at the douch of the universe awards thatl be good enough for me in agreeing for this..its not evil revenge

At 6:37pm on December 19, 2010, Bobby Z said…

oh my god we should be burnin up the airwaves here blisterin hot but people are too busy i guess,for ze art...anyway i talk on the phone im just bein so cool and trendy for usin some freakin high falootin 4 thousand dollar website.

At 3:40pm on June 26, 2010, Bobby Z said…
guess our art site here is losing steammm......................buggah you get libido is waning and i dont even have a desire to get buggered.maybe im uptight still...........shit after all theat therapy.....................
At 12:12am on March 11, 2010, zz said…
booby zz < we must meet up soon for a cup of tea and talk about the conspiracy of the foul art from the fart from the city that starts with a T. Hope thou art good and warrioring on and have decided not to give up and flee. . we must save the good ones and build our own avalon. well toodaloo for now great crazy non-reptilian queen . i shall be seeing you soon and making you scream.... not in a dirty way though.
miso tired soup



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