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you and me sara  ya freakin know we had it all

tried to throw it away

 smashed your head against a wall

 trendy dundas ossington

pseudo-hipster scene we had a ball

we got into a screaming match

 cops didnt mind at all

oh such sweet times

ill hold them close all my life

even closer when im about to die

cos ill need some one to jerk off to

at that time

im hopin that'll really be alright

you and jesus can kick the shit

out me in the afterlife

good times we had

talkin new-age homeopathic remedies

pretended to be your gunkle made a fool ah me

the bi-weekly suicide things were fun and not so bad

i had nothing better to do

my life darker than your fryin pan

which you left on high caused a house fire

fuckin swailed total shitcanned

but you gave me hope

when i had no booze or dope

you motivated me to consider

death blissfully swingin from a rope

these were happy times

cant remember why i pretend to be alive

to chickenshit to take those pills

but you told me itd be alright

held me hand at badpatch in life

ill blow my load thinking of your big ass tonight

even without your

lesbo permission

if thats all alright

but truly one of us should/coulda /woulda  died

i oft query and wonder why

we couldnt focus  past ADD,long enough to try

that night we finally got drunk together

and you punched out my lights

so i was unconscious and couldnt stop you

from tumbling off the balcony that night

but you fell the wrong way

so you couldnt even get that right

but baby its still you i like

i loved you for one day

but now i dont give a shit

so baby you can bite

my ass a bit

 guess it might be time to let u go

to regent park

crackin with the hos

drinkin with the skids

doin underage skater  kids

as you know im a socialist

so i dont have a problem with this

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