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World Circuit Boxing Activation Code Offline

World Circuit Boxing Activation Code Offline

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About This Game

In World Circuit Boxing, you manage a gym or the entire boxing league! Play as a gym to create prospects, scout them, hire them, train them, and equip them on their way to the Circuit Hall of Fame. Play as the commissioner to take over the scheduling, set retirement and Hall of Fame thresholds.

WCB offers a load of customization options when creating fighters, allowing you to change their appearance, their ring entrance music, their nicknames, and even their in-ring personalities.

With an unparalleled stat system, you can compare your fighters to the world's best, view their fight histories, and discover where they stand on the all-time leaders lists.

World Circuit Boxing allows you to watch every fight that occurs in the Fightcast scene, or you can choose only to watch your gym's fighters, title fights, or any number of fights you choose.

Play WCB with a group of friends, and see who can top the Gym Rankings. Outclass your competition by upgrading your gym to establish a global gym.

Go crazy, and use text files to launch a game with your own created fighters taking place in the rankings.

Get the towel and the spit-can ready! You're about to throw down with the deepest Boxing Simulator ever created! 7ad7b8b382

Title: World Circuit Boxing
Genre: Sports
J3I Games
J3I Games
Release Date: 24 Jan, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Core 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 32-bit


This game is 5 bucks and its still overpriced... It's buggy, and its not very immersable.. It's hard to do anything, has horrible sound and is overall not good... If you want a fighting simulator, youd be best off getting a WMMA game from Greydog Software.. You need to put some kind of training mechanic in the game instead of this getting stats when you win. That would make this game way more appealing.. I'm giving this game a positive review because I'm a rabid boxing fan, and also because I want to encourage the developer to continue updating, improving, and polishing this rough diamond. The game has the potential to be a great boxing management simulation, but it currently has some bugs, crashing issues, and a lack of optimization options. On one hand the graphics, images, and UI leave a lot to be desired. On the other hand the game has a lot of depth and is easily customizable. Unfortunatly, the game currently only seems to run in a tiny window, and it currently has no options to enlarge it, run it full-screen, or mute the music. I'm hoping these and other issues will be addressed by the developer in the near future. To the developer's credit, they have already released a number of recent updates. It may sound like I should be giving this game a negative review, and maybe I should, but I'm optimistic. I have a fighter's mentality. You can always turn things around with one big punch, and I'm hoping the developer will keep punching those keys until the game is a knockout. It's still only the first round, though, and I might come back with a different decision at the end of the twelth.. After you create a boxer you cannot add him to your gym - with no instructions - this any many many more problems make it unplayable

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