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Velazquez is hoping to compete to the Madden

The team has fought events that include "Mario Kart" and mut coins madden 22 "League of Legends" with limited success, however, Velazquez's victory might help propel the club forward. Wood stated that the club's "Super Smash Bros." team is in the process of making the state playoffs competition and is undefeated.

"I think there are more people who are like Jair in your average college than you'd imagine," Wood said. "People who are crazy good at video games but haven't had an opportunity to let it be more than random matchmaking online."

After the move in Lake Stevens in the fall of 2019 Velazquez did not spend much time to attend school until the doors were closed in the spring. Velazquez claimed he met people in the video game club that he hasn't yet met in person. Still, the students hype each other up during every event. Velazquez stated that he's played his part in Madden franchise since players like Vince Young and Brett Favre graced the game's cover back in the late 90s. He's played the game for more than half his life.

He also said that his brother -- who is more than five years his senior -hasn't beat him in the digital gridiron since the year 2014. "He'll usually get angry, but it's all good," Velazquez said. A football enthusiast, Velazquez said he has aspirations of being a commentator or coach in the future. He is aware that the video game can't be as accurate as the real thing but he feels it assists with his understanding of the sport.

In the next few months Velazquez is hoping to compete to the Madden champion from the college level, as well as the winner of the high school competition that was played via the Playstation. "I need to get better and buy Madden 22 coins I'm not satisfied," he said. "It could be a learning loss however, if I win, that's much better."

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