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Three lost souls

Destined to find one another

The son, The Father, The Brother

Fifty one years ago on a bright October morn

God delivered a gift a beautiful healthy son was born

As his young mother held him for the first time

She knew his journey would be special and he was one of a kind

She watched him grow from a innocent young boy 

Into a fearless young man searching for love

He finally found it as a gift was sent from God above

They say good things come to those who wait

After twenty two years of waiting  Love finally had found its fate

As this young father held his son for the first time

He thought he Is so special and one of a kind

His blessings weren't done yet there was one more gift to be found 

His journey took a little bit longer two more years til he was found

As the young father sat with his beautiful boys that night

He knew they were his salvation and his path was right

Sometimes life doesn't always end in Happily ever after

Sometimes you have to feel the pain to appreciate the laughter

Sometimes you have to walk through the darkness to see the light

Sometimes you have to go on the wrong path so you can make it right.

God knew their journey was never going to be a easy one

He wanted to be reunited with his lost sons

He gave us time with them for a short while and we loved them like no other

Now they are in his loving arms again always destined to find one another.

The son,The Father,The Brother.


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