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Thistledown: A Tragedy Of Blood. Usb Download

Thistledown: A Tragedy Of Blood. Usb Download

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About This Game

A personal tragedy forces Oni to push beyond the boarders of her village, in search of an unspeakable horror. As she assembles the pieces of an ancient magical contract, On 5d3b920ae0

Title: Thistledown: A Tragedy of Blood.
Genre: Indie
Doubtful Games
Release Date: Mar 2020


Version has been released! : Hello everyone! We've released an update for both PC and Mac. Enjoy the many squashed bugs! Changelog: fixed and tweaked some achievement bugs fixed some UI, environment, and animation glitches updated language files added 5:4 and other aspect ratio support. fixed an issue that would make the save slot corrupted if the player starts the Spirit Path after the Courage Path. Makoa Sacred Grounds: The totems should update correctly again after completing each level. Wisdom 5: The torch should point the path more accurately now. Courage 4: The Monkey should kick Mirk correctly after jumping back up to its position and also not disappear offscreen. Courage 4: The monkey should not keep pulling the ropes anymore after the end cutscene triggers. Courage 5: The intro cutscene should play again at the start of the level. Spirit 1: Fixed a bug in the intro cutscene that could prevent the game to continue correctly. Spirit 1: Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent the game to continue if the player gets hit by a spectre immediately after getting zapped by Waha Nui. Spirit Final Rite: The long intro cutscene now plays every first time the game is launched instead of the first time you see it in the slot game. Spirit Final Rite: Fixed a bug that prevented the good ending cutscene to trigger.. A Rite rises! : Four long years of countless battles against cameras, colliders, navmeshes, scripts, bugs. Four years fighting against ourselves to improve and get a professional videogame published. To tell the story of a mute child who must become a man. A Rite from the Stars has been our rite of passage. But we haven't been alone. Along the way we have received a lot of support, starting with our friends and families, continuing with our incredible 811 backers and the Phoenix Online guys, and ending with all kinds of people we have met along the way: players, journalists, singers, actors, partygoers, youtubers, event planners. Their support has kept us from falling apart in the toughest of times. And finally, the game is here. We hope you enjoy it.. A Rite from the Stars A Rite from the Stars Makoan Legend Edition released! : We have finally gathered all the music, all the art and all the lore that shaped the Mystical Island of Kaikala. We present to you the Makoan Legend Edition. A DLC that includes the following material: The Artbook The Official Guide to the Kaikala Universe The Original Soundtrack More than 100 pages full of visuals and stories about the Kaikala Universe and more than 2 hours of vibrant original music to enhance the reading (and your daily life!). You can find it here: To celebrate, A Rite from the Stars will be 50% for a week. Finally, all the game material together for everyone's enjoyment.

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