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About This Game

The way to become a pro gamer!

Create your own unique gamer and begin the journey to the Pro Leagues. Manage your economy, health and career to continue moving upwards. It’s your decisions, in and outside of gaming, that will decide if you will ever reach the very top.

Team up!

As the days go by and you climb the ladder of success you will be invited to tournaments where you can gain more fame, earn more money and even be signed for a team. When you’ve become good enough in the competitions you might even get seen by scouts and sponsors that wants to endorse you and your bid for glory.

Money talks!

Remember, you have to be able to pay your monthly rent. If you can’t manage to make a living through Esport fast enough you might have to take on another job to keep your Esport dreams alive while also taking away precious time from your gaming.

Remember, the sooner you begin your Esport journey, the quicker you can reach the top. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Pro Gamer Manager
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports
Raptor Claw Games
501 Industries
Release Date: 28 Apr, 2016


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dont buy this game and also stay away from the ''sequal''. Theyve robbed everyone here of their money and now theyre making a \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing sequal to once again steal our money and abandon the project. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!. This game suffers from the same issue Game Dev Tycoon does: lack of meaningful feedback.

Sure, I feel like i MAY be making meaningful decisions, but in the end they all are just random guesses, as the game does not let you know HOW you decisions affect anything at all. It just becomes a game of random rock paper scissors, where you don't even know what the opponent threw. Unless they fix this issues, this game is a huge miss. Hello, this is my first serious review.

I'm an avid gamer and dedicate most of my free time to gaming and checking out titles that could be cool and fun.

Pro Gamer Manager did have an appeal at the start... same Game Dev Tycoon art... managing your own eSports team... so I figured the mechanics would be similar, thus, making it a fun and entertaining experience. I was wrong.

I can see the devs tried to make an entertaining title, but the formula does not work. In MANAGING GAMES you want to see that the decisions and actions you take, affect the outcome of the matches whether in a good or bad way. But when you play Pro Gamer Manager, the decisions you make, affect the outcomes in a really vague way or they don't affect it in any way and are unable to change its outcome.

You never know or are told (at least give us a hint of how the mechanics work for god's sake) how things are going to affect your results. You can pickup styles and different tactics but they are really vague on how you should use them and really basic. They try to make it simple but making it that way just takes away the whole experience of being a Professional eSports team.

Even if the devs assume you're used and knowledged about MOBA or FPS games, it's difficult to figure out what to do in every situation, even with Trial and Error. I might be wrong if I say that the decisions you take as a manager or a player DO NOT affect the outcome BUT; when I played Pro Gamer Manager I always felt that way and, believe me, IT IS NOT A PLEASANT FEELING.

I really tried to find something redeeming and have fun with Pro Gamer Manager, but either I haven't tried hard enough (prob not) or the game in itself isn't fun, probably the latter.

It also has some bugs that are not gamebreaking or really important, but they are really simple and basic bugs that kind of break the experience too (16-15 as a valid victory result on a FPS match even if it's not meant to be CS, can't click too fast on incoming messages or they will delete themselves).

Pro Gamer Manager defeats its own purpose as a game and a managing game, such potential wasted because of a bad execution.

I wouldn't recommend to buy this game in its current state, it's basically not fun for me and I've requested a refund.. So, I originally wrote this review over a year ago... now that the developers have abandoned the game and left everyone in the lurch, I can (obviously) no longer recommend this game.

It definitely has it's upsides and the foundations are here for a great game but the developers didn't have the financial support they needed and were poor at maintaining their promises and as such, the project and their (overly) ambitious PGM2 project both failed.

That said, this game is still sortof fun to just mess around in but it's very limiting and there is almost no way to find a winning formula; it's essentially all randomised numbers.. Amazing Idea. However...

Boring after a while

Random. Stats don't matter

Player never plays for team in Career mode

Thown into an initial league where all teams overpower you with ease. This game definitely has a ton of potential ! I would highly recommend and will edit as soon as changes are made since i can easily see how this could be incredibly fun , but for now , ill have to say this is pretty meh , and limit frustrating since each time you discover a part of the game or something you like , the game becomes somewhat unclear as to what you're doing wrong and what you're doing right , most of the time when i get good comments in game i will then lose all my games , and when all i hear about are other teams or player , it will feel like i was just underated. higher overall players on your team doesn't seem to do much when it comes to winning ( i won everygame with 4 x 50 overall members on my team , then upgraded to 4 new better players and started losing ). Also sometimes it feels like whatever strategy you're using has no impact on the way games go. Early in the game there is a development phase for your main character which seems like it didn't even matter later in the game. The easiest way to make money in this game is in the first half which is kinda weird since i dont think streaming the game should pay more than having an actual pro team ! A lot of minor bugs are also present which is understandable due to the very early stage of this game ( for example I was number one on the solo queue ladder and when i looked up at bjergsenx it would also tell me he is number one ). Most of the menus dont have back buttons which means you have to make decisions that can't be changed after you change screen. The overall for other characters than yourself also dont seem to change which is sad when you spend time training and stuff. I will definitely be back to try this game in a while to see if it was fixed since I had fun , but otherwise this is pretty much unplayable. Hope to see you guys push the great ideas you had further and do some epic polishing on this amazing project of yours !

Just a Hobo. - Game doesn't have a tutorial
- Need to have some basic knowledge of either CSGO or Dota\/LoL in order to play the game
- Seems like a game of luck more than anything tbh
- Terrible game menu designs, extremely confusing and having white font on a white background. Meh out of 10!
This isn't a bad game and has the ability to be a really great and fun game. My main criticisms at the moment are that stats don't play that high of a role in the game. You winning a match is purely random. There are also times during a match you'll be asked do you want to attack the objective or help your team. At no time does it say if that was a good or bad move. It's not that it needs to state if it was a good or bad move, but there should be something like you helped your team fend off the attacker or the attacker killed you but your team mate killed them or the attacker killed everyone and destroyed the tower. The problem is just that there is not a lot of feedback of what you do right and what you do wrong.. Do not support this game.

It simply is in Alpha state at best. Raptor Claw lied to the community to keep their sales coming in promising so many things and then completely abandoned the game.

They then gave or sold it to 501 who is now attempting to sell a broken game with DLC. The MAIN GAME DOES NOT WORK!

Using a game in early access and releasing DLC is insulting to consumers and fraud.

Scam and syphon at its finest. Raptor Claw and 501... stay away from them. DO NOT BUY!. At first I thought the game was similar to the Game Dev Tycoon, but I was VERY wrong. It follows the same art style, but that's where it all ends.

- The game has NO TUTORIAL. Which means from the very first minutes of gameplay you have to figure out everything through trial and error.

- No GLOSSARY OF TERMS. I like to play Dota2 on occasion and I haven't the slightest inclination to ever play a MOBA for anyhting but fun. I'm not interested in ranked stuff AT ALL. Thus, I hardly no any of the terminology that most active players know and use.

- The game determines victory by coin toss. The stats and grinding in this game are pointless it doesn't affect the outcome AT ALL. This means that all the stuff you buy and learn are 100% useless.

All in all, the concept is great but the execution is crap.

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