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Inspired by the works of Malaya Roses

by Michaelw1two

Midnight’s full, and one’s expressions gleam,
shade thoughts tomes known, and this enlightened write;
upon, one’s raspy lie coated tongue,
wile’s entry toward, lust’s searing words relent.

Life’s twisted, sneering, closed leer lip lisps,
slide off, this love’s caustic verbal lashing;
flowing, from our joining’s true demean,
midst fraudulent and shrilling anguished moans.

Barren, this midyear’s endless summer skies,
droll dripping’s speech, expressed this moment’s pause;
thoughts transfix, our paired dies favored roll,
as love’s profits flex, in one’s jealous trysts.

Our question’s probe, at once the endings stead,
one breath and mine, between our gasps expires;
love listlessly said, so surely, by the way,
indistinct resentments, shade these words resound.

Two lives, we in reality left,
souls loss, the glowing midnight beauty shone;
ere long this life’s twilight’s mists lay low,
one’s worth, is prospered property no more.

Imaginations ranklement pines,
drink bitter’s pall, to livings chequered thrall;
mind’s thrusts, through aching’s avaricious want,
warnings for fools, lust’s thieving conscience rends.

Through two separate hearts, time sorely cries,
what now the trend, as broken is love’s bond;
remains, just ash and my dried tears scars,
whole implies, these words this sorrowed heart heal.

Life in love once lost, behooves the soul,
in this quest, for smiles and breath throughout time;
meaning trust’s lock, without truth’s own keys,
ends through death, with trust just one’s memory.

Michael Darrell Walker

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