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About This Game

Take control of a group of settlers to build a settlement that survives the passing seasons, roaming bandits, underground horrors, and gods from legend.

Title: Odd Realm
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Unknown Origin Games Inc
Unknown Origin Games Inc
Release Date: 10 Jan, 2019


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A good Base Building game, in which you control a group of whatever race you choose and set up a town. the dev(s) (not sure) is/are active and put(s) out updates nearly weekly, building follows a similar style to dwarf fortress, with z levels, and is easy to figure out.. First Impressions - a lot of things from DF & Rimworld are here to some extent. Graphics are hard to read being so pixelated. UI text is grey on dark grey, difficult to read. In the beginning you are prompted to set up beds, zone a bedroom etc. Later, despite the room being on auto for assigning owners it still prompts you to assign owners manually, as only two settlers automatically claimed a bed in that room, despite there being 5 beds. Intentional? Despite all that, which I suspect will change, I don't regret supporting this dev, this game has great potential. Still a lot I haven't explored yet, will update.. So yea I'm currently hooked to the game, pretty polished for a game that's still in beta. The latest update also kinda helped with an issue I had: time was moving too fast. I haven't played the updated game yet, so consider the following pre-15-march content. If you play this game, try placing the time to x3 instead of the tempting x4 speed. Otherwise you might lose focus and end up with zero food 'cause your population is 40+. Also, if you plan on playing this now during beta, be warned that there are some missing tools for settler management (e.g. when you equip a unit with some clothes they only go off the inventory list after the character has worn the clothes,. I think. Anyway, there's no indicator to whether a certain piece of equipment has been given to a certain unit). Again, it's still in BETA.. There are 15 and higher dollar games, that aren't as fun as this .. *chanting loudly in the background* Undead! Undead! Undead! Undead! Undead! *Childish screeching intensifies*. This is a really cool game, which makes the issues with it that much more frustrating. You want to love it, but certain things keep you from doing so. For example, the Z level can be quite confusing. It is very easy to get people trapped in places or not be able to deconstruct something because it is above or below where you need to be and getting there isn't intuitive. I would kill for a simple UI addition that shows the number of what level you are on vertically. Because as the game is top down multiple z levels makes it hard to determine. All I can say is give this game some time before buying instead of getting hours in only to find it is too frustrating to continue.. Odd Realm is a colony management type sim very similar to other dwarf fortress style games. While this might have been worth a look when dwarf fortress was the entire genre, games like gnomoria and rimworld have redefined the genre in terms of the UI/UX and this game simply feels like a relic of the bad old days where unintuitive and poorly designed UIs were the norm (and powering through them was weirdly considered a point of pride). In some aspects (e.g. seeing z-layers) the UX is even worse than dwarf fortress itself and its often hard to tell what z layer you are even looking at. So far the game offers little to the genre to offset its downsides. - The art is nice, but can be difficult to discern due to the very low resolution pixel art style. This is exacerbated by other design choices (e.g. build menu) which forces you to try and differentiate dozens of similar looking icons to find the one you want. - Job icons only show when you select the job from the job menu (e.g. where you have asked your villagers to mine is only visible when you click on jobs->mining) instead of being always visible (as is genre standard since even DF). This makes it a pain to plan anything as you constantly have to switch between menus to see where you are going to be working. Same for storage areas etc. - When you mine you remove the entire z-layer instead of leaving a floor (again a negative departure from the genre norm). While this isn't end of the world it makes it more complex and difficult to actually make underground rooms as you have to leave a z-layer between different floors (and again the poor UI around z-layers makes this even harder). Plus there is some weirdness with placing stairs - when digging down you cannot place them on the bottom z-layer (as would be intuitive) but on the top most z-layer which somehow magically places the stairs on the bottom z-layer even if its several z-layers below where you are allowed to placed it. - The UI is menu heavy (and you constantly are switching between menus to get stuff done) and learns nothing from games like rimworld/gnomoria which already have solutions for this. Overall its unfortunately quite a disappointing entry in a genre I really love. Ended up refunding it.

UPDATE 1.03 - Level Editor is now live! : Hey guys! So finally we are releasing the level editor. We are really happy to release it and see what you guys can do with it. This update has a lot of fixes and features: 1.. UPDATE 1.01 : HEY, GUYS! We have been reading all of your feedback and after working all weekend, finally we have our first update! This update brings some fixes and features you have been asking: 1. We have improved the beat synchronization.. UPDATE 1.02 : HEY, GUYS! As we promised, controller support has now been added! You can now play with the left stick or the ABXY buttons. But remember, the game was designed to be played with a keyboard. Some levels will now feel easier or harder while playing with the controller. It's just the nature of an alternative controller. Also, you can play the game with a dance pad too! It will be a lot harder and you will look ridiculous in front of your friends, but we did it for the laughs. The following things have been added too: Some bug fixing You can shoot at two directions at the same time. In the level 64.3, there is a slight increase of the time margin the player has to shoot in both directions to be recognized as a diagonal shot. What to expect the next update: Finally! The Level Editor will be released with a tutorial on how to create levels and share them. Color blind mode. Color differentiation between blue and purple backgrounds and squares.. Free DLC Soundtrack : HEY, GUYS! We know how much you like the music of the game.. Grim Town: Battle Tales 64.0 BIG UPDATE! - VERSION 1.1 : Hey guys! First of all, we want to give a huge thanks to FantomenK, Rainbowdragoneyes and Thaehan for making this possible. Without their songs, this update wouldn't had been possible. Please, show them some love! FantomenK: Rainbowdragoneyes: Thaehan: ------- 1.. 64.0 is 50% off for limited time. : 64.0 is 50% off for limited time.

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