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About This Game

It starts on the 4th day. Ever since you arrived on this planet, you've felt a dark influence. You've lost all memories of your previous self. Who you've become is an even 5d3b920ae0

Title: Nightmare on Azathoth
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Modesto Rabena
Divergent Game Studio
Release Date: 30 Oct, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: i3 Core Processor 2.6 ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Grap


nightmare on azathoth. nightmare on azathoth

Hey! The developer is doing a good job! :) To start, the game is a good game. It's an eerie spin on survival. I like that perspective. The game had a rough start, but many of the bugs have been addressed and it's now playable. It makes me feel really good the dev team listened and is now working on making a good game. The game is kinda eerie. I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do and I haven't made it past the first level. if there are levels. From what I can figure out is that you start out stranded on a dark planet. Your ship is out of fuel so you have to collect meteorite fragments to make fuel. You also need to collect c-matter to make into food, ammo, and some other stuff. You need the ammo because there are aliens that try to kill you --- actually, they're the natives and you play the alien. Anyway, they are creepy looking. The sound and music is well done. Now that I've seen the dev team fixing things up and cotinuing to improve their work I think this game is going to just get better. I'm looking forward to the game, Dev team! I hope you guys continue improving this game. Great job listening and reacting to feedback! :D That makes me feel good and thank you so much for responding. I'm going to start following your studio. You've shown good customer support and interest in making your stuff great.. *Updated review* I have to commend the dev for rolling out these updates quickly. I liked the the game when it first came out, but now that it has been updated it is much better. I do notice that the enemies don't teleport as quickly as before making it easier to handle them along with the new main weapon. The new UI interaction notification thing really helps to understand what each of the machines do. The meteorite search machine is much better that it is shorter as it wasn't intuitive to look up to see what it does, now you can easily see the direction of meteorite. The new animation of the main character, and the totally different main weapon feels much better. There is no more pistol like in the preview, but kind of like a semi automatic rifle now. It has a nice weight to it. Overall I think there were more changes but I can't list them all off the top of my head, but now the game feels much more polished. old review {I think I am starting to get the hang of this game. I found the "encounter" with the enemies to be challenging, and they can be a bit scary as your radar only picks meteorite or memory fragments, they can be creepy especially when they pop out of the shadows. I like the concept and direction of the game so I'd recommend to those that like challenges. I get satisfaction from figuring out how to survive.}. I couldn't even get outside, and I'll explain why. My journey began with wonder what in the absoutle 5th dimension of Hell this game was about, and even more so where a sutable tutorial was. Finding none, I controlled my generic protagionist to walk around and explore the base. Contacting the village, I could barely hear anything as I was in a Skype call with several other people. Frustrated, I equipped my tough guy mask and proceeded to open the door, only to be stared at what looked like a huge flying shadow baby, waaaaaaaaaay off in the distance directly in front of me. "Oh, look! A huge flying shadow baby!" *backs up, proceeds to close door* "I'm not letting that mutherfu-" In that instant, I screamed out the rest of the profanity when that. thing did something or other and just jumped. It went FLYING toward the gate right as the door proceeded to close. It wasn't until I realized that a Silent One was responsible for the assault. Several things in that instance happened at once: -I screeched and my voice cracked and went up several ocataves. -My friends wondered wtf happened to Specialist. -I peed a little. -My monitor almost died because I was about to put my fist through the screen, in hopes that the physical contact would kill it since I couldn't bring myself to aim the damned gun I had in my hands and fire it. In short, I am in the process of trying this again. I will update this review as time goes on, but can I reccomend this game? Absoutley. Buy it. *EDIT* It's cold. It's dark, I'm alone, with only non-sentient Robots to guide me through my quest to escape. Walking to the large settlement of buildings, I fire my gun to defend myself agaisnt two Silent Ones, and quickly find myeslf an assault rifle, some health and a very plentiful amount of ammo. I begin to head back to base, scanning over my vitals when I realize that my sustenance is running dangerously low. I began to be swarmed by SO's when my vision becomes blurry, and in my frantic struggle of moving, I fail to notice Shadow-Baby flying overhead, attracted by the gunshots. What feels like an eternity, I eventually find my way back to base with 5.00 sustenance left, but low on health from the encounter with the Silent Ones. Replinishing my vision, I sigh in relief, planning my next moves when all of the sudden, I hear. "Whoooaaaaaa." "That's a new sound," I wonder aloud. I turn around, and nearly jump out of my chair when I see the head of the disembodied voice screaming toward me, killing me the instant it makes contact. I am dead. 10/10. Seriously.. Terrible game. Should really not be on the Steam store. Extremely unpolished, absolutely no tutorial and overall just a pointless waste of time. Developer couldn't evenbe bothered to include corpses. When you kill something it simple vanishes. Seriously, this should be an extremely rough concept for a game, not sold as a game in itself.. I like the premise of this game. You are an astronaut marooned on a pitch-black planet. While you are merely trying to escape, the planet'a denizens have another idea. You must gather survival supplies and fuel for your ship to take off. The atmosphere and enemies reflect a truly Lovecraftian malevolence, and you are given a sense of urgency and desperation. However, that's where the game stops being a spooky thriller and starts becoming frustrating. If there were a better save system, more places to re-arm and resupply, and more environments to explore, it would be better. But it feels like you are going in circles and accomplishing nothing.. Not the craziest epic horror game, but for an indie game it's very good. Well I dont really have much to add, just wanted to vote up this game. The character and HUD remind me a bit of dead space, which is great. EDIT: OK this review feels a little lazy so I'll add useful info You're a man whose ship crashed on a planet, you spawn in a base and have to explore the environment in order to find ressources to survive (food,ammo,other stuff used as spare parts.) you'll encounter various monsters that are pretty creepy (a huge flying head, a dancer-like slender creature that changes the music when it charges you.) overall the game has nothing but black/white/grey colors, it is very.VERY.VERY dark. It's not for everyone, but it has its good sides such as a relatively challenging survival aspect, mistery, and an interesting creatures design.

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