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Neon Warp Addons

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About This Game

Neon Warp is a simple yet very unique puzzle game.

On each level there are blocks of 3 colors. When you move the frame from a block of one color to a block of another a third color appears.

Using this technique your goal is to repaint all blocks into a single color and you need to do it with least amount of turns.


  • 150 levels
  • Time trial mode with 10+ levels
  • Full controller support
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards

Title: Neon Warp
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Axel Sonic
Axel Sonic
Release Date: 29 Jul, 2016


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I love it
. pretty good game. This game is really simple, but also really hard.. this game sucks and isnt worth your money. A fun puzzle game to burn time on. It can be rather difficult to understand at first, but once you get the flow of it, the game can be quite the friendly challenge and satisfying.. Ech... so it's not strictly bad or anything, but it's very... simple. As in, the puzzles feel a little braindead, less think-it-out and more trial-and-error. It's really close to being a good puzzle system, but it just misses the mark.. I love it
. 150 levels, less than 2 euros, this puzzle game is not easy at all. Maybe it is me who is bad at playing Neon Warp or maybe this game is done for people who are more intelligent than me.

What you have to do ? It is to color all the tiles from the game in one color (the one shown at the beginning of the level). It sounds pretty easy but it is not because when you change a square, another or some other ones are having a new color too.

The solution is probably to read the rules.
. I usually love puzzle games, no matter how difficult, simple or complex they are... but they need to be fun, and this game is not, in my opinion.

I find this game non intuitive.
The goal is to solve the puzzles with the less amount of moves. They are hard... but not "fun hard", just "annoying hard".
Maybe it's just the controls (they annoy me most of the time), or maybe is the implementation. In any case, can't recommend this game.. I love it

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