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Motorsport Manager - Endurance Series Download For Pc [Torrent]

Motorsport Manager - Endurance Series Download For Pc [Torrent]

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Key features

Epic tests of man and machine
Go the distance, with a brand new two-class endurance championship to test your mettle. Keep track of your drivers’ alertness using the new stamina bar, and swap them out at the crucial moment.

New race lengths and rules
Drive over 90 minutes, 3 hours or even 6 hour epic races!

Six drivers per team
Manage a group and find the drivers with the strength, skill and stamina combinations to win you the race. Test your wits over average lap qualifying, picking two drivers per car and building the best average lap time.

Beautiful endurance cars
Take in the iconic curves and sleek lines as you guide your mechanical masterpieces to championship wins

Be a part of the rivalry
Twenty-four cars compete in each race, jostling for lap times as they seek to win out over their greatest threats

New ERS options, new rolling starts and more
A new way of playing the game you love

Embark on a fresh Motorsport Manager challenge with the Endurance Series. Take iconic long-distance cars for the ride of your life as you navigate epic distances with the goal of winning championships. Try two new competitions – IEC A and B – and meet new teams along the way. Experience new race lengths – 90 minutes, 3 hours or even 6 hours!

Manage six drivers per team as you strive to find the best combination of drivers to score you the best times. Manage a new layer of race strategy as you keep a careful eye on their stamina, and be prepared to make tough calls during the longest races yet. Design your machines with survival and speed in mind as you put them to the test in entirely new conditions.

New rules, such as average qualifying time, present a new challenge as you seek to build a team which outdoes the sum of its parts. Find consistency and the sweet spot for your drivers, allowing them to hit a state of perfect flow and become ‘Fired Up’, improving their lap times.

Tweak your car’s setup to focus on a particular driver, or seek to achieve a balance that takes in both styles. But above all: stop watching, start winning, take control. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Motorsport Manager - Endurance Series
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Playsport Games
Release Date: 1 Nov, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit).
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GT 335M, 512MB or AMD Radeon HD 4670, 512MB or Intel HD 4000 series
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 16 GB available space


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Have had so much fun with this game, so bought this DLC to support these devs, they've given us so much free, DLC and updates, have not yet tested this, so come back with more about the DLC itself. but so far, they have not let me down, so sure that this is good and fun.

Yes now i have play it, and it is still give it Like, It is Endurance as we know it is longer loops, so if you dont like longer race this is not for you, but you can ofcorse save in the race and go back, and take it from weare u saved it. No bugs have i yet seem, as like in original game and rest of free and paid DLC i most say very Little bugs, i have play like 200h ( yes it says on steam i play somthing 100 plus h) not true :S) and only have one CTD and nada more. Good work Devs, Keep it up.. I already rated the original game 90% here:

This DLC re-confirms this very high rating and slightly improve it. I am thoroughly recommending this DLC to anyone who enjoys the original game and here\u2019s some reasons why:

1 \u2013 The focus is put back into \u201cmanagement\u201d of a team. Now you have 6 drivers to manage, as well as all the pit crew members. Just what many players wanted.

2 \u2013 The cars are based on the successful World Endurance Championship, cars which race in the Le Mans 24 hours. 2 classes are covered and they race on one track, just like in real life. In my view these are real racing cars, better than single seaters!

3 \u2013 Strategy is far more important and the manager has to concentrate over a much longer period \u2013 90 mins, 3 hours or 6 hours per race. Mistakes can be caught up but too many and you will lose ground.

4 \u2013 Loads of new strategic options in this DLC: You can only set up the car to benefit one driver, who gets a bonus, and the others will make do according to their adaptability skill. Drivers get fatigued and will dramatically slow if not run wide or crash when in their red zone. Drivers now have a target to aim for where they are \u201cin the zone\u201d and drive hard \u2013 some drivers are good starters and some are good race finishers. All 3 drivers have to race for a minimum \/ maximum time, exceeding these limits will result in points deduction \u2013 a big change to strategy. Qualifying is average lap between 2 of your 3 drivers. The new pit crew feature (also available in the base game) lets you micro manage the crew \u2013 who is good at tyres, fixing part, refuelling, jacks, etc. Each crew has a skill rating and error rating as well as their own fatigue levels to manage. Off the track, cash can be tighter as you are potentially paying 6 drivers not 3. It puts more focus on to where to spend money and which sponsors to choose.

5 \u2013 There are new achievements which are interesting to aim for and add new life to the game for regular players.

If you\u2019re a fan of endurance racing you will absolutely love this DLC. If you are not a fan of this type of racing there is a high chance you will love this DLC or get into this type of racing as it\u2019s much more strategically involved in my opinion.

What\u2019s great is the price \u2013 even at full price this is an absolute bargain as you effectively get a whole new game mode to play. I will probably play this for more hours than the base game (by its nature the races are longer! I usually play 3 hour races at x2 speed making each event 1.5 hrs long, with 9 races per season).

With this add on, plus the free to download DLC\u2019s, I now rate the Motorsport Manager game at 92%. The only reason I rate lower than 10\/10 is because sometimes the details don\u2019t make sense, like fans\u2019 social media reactions being wrong, drivers retiring early, drivers not looking like their nationality, limited music (no national anthems), no older drivers for this DLC. But mostly these are cosmetic and the game itself plays fine with no crashes experienced.

If you\u2019re reading this and thinking of buying it but not sure, I\u2019m confident in saying you will more than likely love this DLC and it will continue and re-ignite your Motorsport Manager addiction. A hidden gem of a sports management simulation game and a DLC that will surprise a few players in how enjoyable it is.
. This DLC adds several welcome new features and complexities and sufficiently captures the spirit of endurance racing:

+The new car models look awesome, and more accurately show your livery on track than the OW or GT cars, which is a satisfying addition.
+The 6 hour races (because you weren't going to pick anything less than that, were you?) with the new features to think about do not drag on, and are just as, if not more engaging than the existing formats, even over the longer timeframe. This includes the weather. The track no longer dries out in about 2 minutes...
+Driver fatigue, whilst a bit overexaggurated (even the best drivers are falling asleep within 90 minutes), adds a new level of strategy in the game that affects your practice programme decisions, and your fuel and tyre strategy in the race.
+Because of the length of the new races, those Tyre Wear and Fuel Burn track stats actually matter now, and heavily affect the tyre strategy for each track.
+The multi-class aspect of endurace racing is implemented perfectly. Qualifying is a free-for-all between all classes (although unless rain plays part, the outcome is as expected, 1st-12th A-class, B-class the rest) and then the classes race side-by-side in the race, with no blue flags.

All in all, this DLC adds probably the most interesting Championships to date, is fun to play, and well worth the full pricetag.. If you got bored with the original game and already played the GP expansion, then there is very little new here. They did add a few new things, but didn't bother to redo some elementary game parameters which would make it more than a reskin with a few little changes.

First and foremost, with endurance racing I expected to face some kind of challenges only present in this kind of racing. The only difference between this one and original+GP is (obviously) the ability to change the drivers, and so you need to manage it carefully. That's good, that's new.

But the bad thing is, everything else stayed the same. Basically every race consists of speeding it up 8x and it progresses identically to how you'd see the original game on normal speed. Only now you have to change the driver in addition to tyres.

The major shock for me, which screams "lazy" is that they didn't bother to change weather simulation & prediction. Basically, they just scaled the whole thing up. Now it takes 10-20 laps instead of 1-2 laps for the track to go from dry to wet in persistent rain. And you can see rain predictions way further (in terms of time) as well. That's why playing on 8x speed is now indistinguishable from the original. This is ridiculous. That would be an interesting challenge to consider - it takes a few minutes for the track to go wet, is it worth changing the tires, if now it takes so long? That shouldn't be a decision you make over 10 laps. That's insane. And such a simple fix as well.

So, totally not worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the original, even though it has little re-play value after you managed to win your first world title, and GP expansion is quite nice if you want to relive the experience. But this one - after 2 races all I did is just blankly stare at the screen waiting for race to finish on 8x.... I love the base game but can\u2019t recommend this DLC. Like many reviewers said it feels like they just upscaled certain game parameters to try to fit what they already had, but it always seems disconnected from what you would expect in real life.

I personally found it a little challenging to adjust to the new mechanics after playing many hours on the original mode (just sponsor and pro driver mods). For some reason I had become bad at the game all over again, even though I used the same general strategy that had won championships before. This was the case even with the best drivers in the league, excellent setups across the board, and mostly matching AI movements with regard to tires\/stamina. It all just seemed so off from what I had become accustomed to.

No inclusion of night racing just makes no sense to me for Endurance theme, and neither do unrealistic rain dynamics. A little more attention to real life detail here would have been better. There\u2019s no reason the devs could not have simply mimicked what happens to real life WEC teams without having to get creative.

Also note that you might break a save file if you have mods turned on and activate this DLC. Since modding comes with that risk I don\u2019t blame the DLC at all of course, but just keep that in mind if you\u2019re in the middle of an active series with mods on.. So what do you get from this DLC.

You get:
New car models
Longer races
Longer pitstops
Longer periods with rain
3 drivers per car
Longer everything.... but not really what I hoped for.... a Le mans DLC.

Let me say that all works fine like the base game - and it's not really that different from the base game.

Same tracks allthough almost always the full track (which is nice since this layout is seldom used in the base game).
But a 13.7 km track in France would have been nice. :)

Top cars with ERS like GT cars and regular cars as regular formula cars.
Same setup options as GT\/Formula cars

While 6 hours seem like a lot, it seems like the developer has just multiplied the standard track periods with 5.
When it rains it takes a very very long time before you have to switch from Inters to Wets (you can use at least half inters rubber before having tio change to wets).
When it stops raining it takes hours before the track is dry (again you can wear down a pair of inters from the rain stops until it is dry several hours later and you can fit slicks again).

It does not feel like le mans series.
It feels like the regular game - just more laps.
Stamina is a nice idea but doesn't do anything much but make you choose the right tires for when the driver gets tired.

Basically changing a driver takes as long as changing tires so you might as well change both. It might change when you get a top pit crew but there is no penalty for not doing it.

Fuel consumption doesn't make sense for endurance racing. In a 6 hour race you have to refill every 2 hours - so 2 stops or 3 stints.
In a endurance race drivers can empty the fuel tank 2 or 3 times before getting tired, known as double or tripple stints.

So 1-2 pitstops to refuel per driver stamina bar needs to be put into the game to make it more realistic (high stamina can do 3 - bad ones 2 stints or maybe even 1).
Hardest compound tires should last 4 to 5 stints.
Having fuel for 2 hours and a driver lasting 45-90 minutes doesn't make sense or feel right for endurance racing.

I have a hard time figuring out if the 6 hours are supposed to be compared to 6 hours in real life or 12 or 24 hours?
The strategy implementation depends alot on this.

What is missing:
Night mode!
Engine modes having bigger impact on gearbox and engine and less on nose\/rear
Nose\/rear takes too long to fix compared to gear\/engine - a nose can be changed in seconds - an engine needs minutes if not hours to fix.
Having 100% reliability on engine\/gearbox and running neutral engine settings should not require fix in race.
Having 100% reliability and running higher programs should always require fixing of engine and\/or gear.
Having 85% reliability before race and running neutral engine program should require some engine fixing.
This is endurance racing after all where you trade speed with reliability.
Realistic rain periods.
Better fuel\/tire\/stamina ratios.
More small crashes that needs repair time.
Endurance feeling.
Longer tracks.

It's not a bad DLC - it's just not worth the money right now.
. I was afraid of this and thats why I only bought it because the dlc is on a hefty sale. This DLC doesn't really bring much new to the game, it only adds a more longer boring version to the game with an extra driver and different car models. They should have spend that time on creating a new circuit pack dlc for the existing game insted. Endurance mode doesn't work in a game, it's to long and boring as hell. I did one race and did it mostly in 12x normal speed to make it barable. I love the normal game and GT DLC though, this dlc not so much.. I love the base game, but I'm finding this dlc a little on the dull side tbh.

You have the option to chose the length of time the races will run when starting a new game, with 6 hours the maximum. This doesn't quite translate into 6 hours of real time, especially as you'll end up running the majority of the race at x12 speed. However in doing so, it removes a lot of the tactics that come with the base game. i.e. when to push, when to conserve, when to pit, because it is too hard to track what is going on at that speed.

What it really comes down to at the end is if you choose the correct amount of fuel and the right tyres to match your drivers stamina.

My vote is a negative on the DLC, but a huge thumbs up on the base ...

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