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To replace VSync with VBlank, right click on FourDesktops Taskbar icon and select Bring to Front. When turned on, you can see a red line on the desktop, when turned off it will be the traditional flat appearance with not visible line. I found VBlank works better than VSync.

What happens when / how do you decide to remove one desktop each time or go to another desktop? Or how and when you switch desktops?
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Say, you create a tumblr account, with the name let's say TumbleLIneTest.
Then, you login in and tigger a script that downloads all your images from a tumblr blog, if that wasn't already done.
Then, something like this is run:
/usr/bin/tumblr-picture-downloader-cli --rss=TumbleLineTest --batch=1000

which results in a folder 'TumbleLIneTest

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