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Madden 22 made its way to Xbox Game Pass a few months after its release

There's always a plethora of famous athletes who will grace the cover of the magazine, so a large portion of the thrill is in seeing who can predict correctly mut coins madden 22, or even argue in favor of--who may be on the cover when a new Madden launch every August. This year's Madden is no different, with a handful of athletes in their prime and young players already arguing for their future Hall of Fame inductions.

Herbie was loaded during the season and was just one often chaotic overtime game just a few steps away from making the playoffs. The 2022 season is where Herbert and the Chargers are the hot team to be watching, because free agency players are filling out the roster, giving Herbert his best chance of be successful. EA might see that success being on the horizon and grant Herbert an August cover so it looks like a brand full of clairvoyants come January.

"Go Hawks!" is no more. In its place, the ever-sloganeering Wilson has coined "Let's Ride" for his new followers and teammates in Denver. Though Wilson's presence at the locker room is often referred to as maybe being a bit annoying over the years the fans are awed by a winner and he's a great choice to bring his winning style and new color scheme to his Madden cover, possibly as a way to imply the game has been given an update that is similar to his own.

After completing one of the single greatest wideout campaigns in NFL time, Ja'Marr Chase is a two-time winner. EA loves to build around for its Madden cover art: a high-upside athlete and a player who's yet to achieved their figurative ceiling. As amazing as Chase was last season buy Madden nfl 22 coins, his 2022 season could be even better because Cincy's new offensive line should give Chase more time to develop play-breaking moves with his young QB.

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