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About This Game

Imagine that You are the Main Logos of the Earth, that is, the ultimate master and commander. Human life is merely just a moment for you.
Using the Fate-cards, you are able to lead your people towards their future which is unknown even for you. Your decisions will affect the fate of a whole civilization: the population, reproduction, people’s ideas, the technology and also the health of the planet, that is, Mother Earth, which might be endangered by wars, alien civilizations and even armies of undead people.
It’s in your interest to have more and more people reach the Logos level of perfectness, the primary conditions of which are harmony, ethics and the maintenance of the ecosystem being in service as the living space
As the Main Logos, you are of course aware that the planet you dominate serves as a classroom for the billions of Logos, souls hiding in human bodies, but for you this place can be a toy in your hands, which means you can do anything to them that your all-powerful will desires.
Keep in mind that there are other Main Logos out there who may compete for you planet, but it’s up to you if you give them space or you refuse to take such challenges.

Turn based, card strategy game.
25.920 years, 108 years/turn.
As Supreme (Main) Logos, you use Fate-cards to develop humanity.
Fate-cards impress one turn but are able to impress further development.
Ecology, population, birth rate, health, food, resource, conflict, harmony, ethics, battle score change continuously.
Wild animals, aliens and even undeads may appear during the entire cosmic cycle (25920 years)
In addition, different events may also have an impact on the planet and on humanity. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Logos
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Logos Universe
Bertalan Zoltán e.v.
Release Date: 13 Jun, 2018


A relaxing take on the concept of god games.

In a way, it's quite like a version of civilization abstracted to the max and totally rid of the micromanagement.

Gameplay is quite simple, each turn you choose one developpement card (material or spiritual) for humanity about 4 possible ones, trying to keep balances and avoid desasters.

Beware of Aliens and Zombies, they just cause trouble !. I think it is a very nice little game, there is so much potential in it. The battling system looks very promising, so keep up the good work guys, I'm eagerly waiting for the updates.. pointless game. Happy I refunded.. This game is awesome! I really like this fresh and new take on the strategy game format.
The game is very complex, and highly addictive.
You play as a godlike entity (the "main logos") of the Earth, and your goal is to help mankind thru history.
There's a good spiritual message in the game, that you should care about one another,
take care of the environment, look things in another perspective, and make hard, sometimes questionable decisions for the greater good. It's not easy, you need to pay attention to a lot of variables (population, echology, etc.) otherwise you will fail very quickly.
If you like a game, that is challenging, thought-provoking and puts you on the edge through,
than I highly reccomend it to you.
I would love to see more games like this. :). Instantly hooked, hoping for more updates and content :) Need more planets - to colonize and a chance to actually co-exist with aliens , but really good - surprised actually.

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