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Little Reds Forest Fun Torrent

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Ready for some Brain Teasers?

Little Red is on her way to grandmas house, but to get there she will need your help. Each forest section is in pi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Little Reds Forest Fun
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Virtual Bridgeworks
VT Publishing
VT Publishing Games
Release Date:


Nice sliding puzzle game.. Nice sliding puzzle game.

The Demo is here! : A lot of you asked us for a discount to buy 1 or more copies for your friends, but it doesn't sound right for us, in fact, you shouldn't have to buy the game for your friends just for them to try it out. So we decided to add a demo so you can play with your friends without any additional burden. Here are the differences between the demo and the complete version: 1.You can't play Ladder Mode after rank Rookie 2.You can only create custom room 3 times (but can join unlimited times) 3.You can open 20 packs in total 4.Your data will by synced after you purchase the complete version. Welcome and enjoy! If you encountered any technical issues, don't hesitate to contact support at v.0.1.7-8 Update Log : v.0.1.7-8 Update Log 1.Increased mouse scroll sensitivity, now that it has become a meme. 2.Pack count now displays on the top left corner. 3.Re-balanced following cards: Alarmist, Show Hand, Mislead, Potion Sales 4.Tried to fix the display errors on the match result screen. 5.Tasks will now track your skill cards correctly.. About this Early Access : First of all, a huge thanks to everyone participated in our closed Alpha. We've been making this game for over a year, and sometimes you can't see the whole picture if you've dived in too deep. And your feedbacks really helped us see things clearer, such as what the game really is about and what we should focus on. And it warms our heart to see so many people playing our game and having fun, which reaffirmed our determination for this early access release. Now that we are launching Early Access, I want to take the time to address some of the common questions: 1. Are there micro transactions? No, since we are charging you up front, the packs you get with in-game currency is more of a progression rather than a way to grind you out. 2. I don't have 3 buddies to play with, can I play this by myself? Of course! You can use the ladder or casual mode to play online. And you can still use the custom room even if you don't have exactly 4 people to play with, the system will just fill the empty slots with bots (difficulty depends on your average rank). 3. Looks a bit cartoon-ish, is this game for me? We chose this style mainly because of the comedy theme we are going for. While the game can be stupidly fun and hilarious to play with your friends, it is actually pretty hardcore and brain consuming to play with high rank/skill players. So I would say if you are a board game lover, a hardcore TCG player, or just want to find a game to play and banter with your friends, this might be for you! 4. What are the chances to gain rare cards? You can get at least one legendary card for every ten packs. Again, we are not using card packs for monetization purpose, you should find it pretty easy and fair to get packs and rare cards. More importantly, if we've done everything right, more cards just guarantee more strategy, but it doesn't guarantee a win. 5. What is your plan for the future? While you can play with your friends using custom rooms, we do recognize the importance of the friends feature, so that's our most immediate concern. Besides the weekly tweaks and changes. Other big stuff that's on our plate: fill in more chapters (with challenges and rewards) for the campaign; A new character and more cards; custom expressions. Also, we did receive some comments about the art and music in the game over the last few weeks. If the budget permits, we will start looking into how to improve the art and music. All of this can be changed based on feedbacks, part of the reason why we are doing Early Access. Thanks again everyone for your interest in our game! At the end of the day, we are just a small team of 3, so if you enjoy our game, share it and get the word out, it would help us a lot.. Journey of Greed v.0.2.0 Ghost Mode is here! : In order to fix the issue where you can't do anything but watch after you escaped or died, we added a new mode in match called Ghost Mode. Now, after you escape or die, we are providing you a new sets of cards to "predict" the outcome of the on-going match, the result will affect your Savings. In addition, we made following changes to the game: 1. Your Coins will now be turned into Savings right after you escape; 2. Three challenge levels are now added to chapter 1 and 2 of the campaign; 3. Added following skill cards: (Special thanks to , if you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know!) Ponzi Scheme, Spirit Salvation, Tech Essence, Charge, Backtrace, Alternative, Recruit, Entrapment, Improvise, Pray 4. Updated following cards: Gear Rental, Paralyze Potion, Illegal Alchemy, Grim Blessing, Life Restoration, Red Curse, Potion Stealer, Desperation, Dark Dealing, Cursed Armor, Blast Arrow, Threat, Deep Hatred, Dual, Peer Competition (is now 'Undermine'), Ancient Lamp 5. Tried to fix the following bugs: Display error of the match result screen If everyone is offline in a custom room match, we will kill this match now. (In case the room owner accidentally clicked on 'Start', thanks to RequieX for the suggestion) Benediction will not longer count players that died last turn. If you kill yourself after playing a card, you won't get any more money. Since we just released the Ghost Mode, we need more data to determine how this mode is gonna affect the grand strategy and make changes accordingly, so if you have any suggestions or complains, don't hesitate to tell us! (Through Discord: or email: v.0.1.6 Update Log : 1.The small island cards in your deck now shows its stage. 2.Added a functionality to mark the islands in front of you to help you with deduction. 3.Some font changes. 4.A few bug fixes.. v.0.1.4 Update Log : 1.Split the tutorial into two campaign chapters, increased the entrance speed of the boat. 2.Change the level cap of each hero to 30. 3.Added a cancel button in the join room interface. 4.We not display the name of the player that picked the option of an Island Card. 5.You can quit a campaign match by clicking "Quit Match" in the settings menu. 6.If you don't have enough Coins/HP to play a card and still try to play it, we now give you a hint. 7.Balance Update on some Island Cards: Bamboo Viper, Venom Spider, Wraith, Treasure Keeper 8.Fixed some card logic, and the closing door issue.. New Games, DLC, Discounts : Great new games and now new DLC are rolling out over the coming weeks. Here are some of the great new games available. You can find a list of new DLC on the publisher page linked below. These DLC are high resolution wall papers with fantastic art and new splendid soundtracks.

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