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The year is 1996 I've just started a new job.Im kinda shy and I meet this wild child girl with sparkling bright personality. She has beautiful eyes and dark hair everyone told me to stay away or avoid her because she was a free spirit but I'm pretty stubborn and do what I want and this is where our friendship begins. Of course I asked her to be bridesmaid in my wedding. My mother was not impressed when she accidentally threw up on my bed and in my hair from being slightly intoxicated the night before my wedding .My mother reminded me the hair dresser said my hair needed to be dirty to hold the long curls because of my fine hair .Here I was blushing bride having to walk down the aisle with freshly washed hair ohhhhh the horror.But who could blame her for throwing up her best friend that would be me was getting married and I think she had slight crush on me I'm kinda a catch. We shared so many memories as young women .Staying out drinking til 6am, when we have to be at work for 7am.Watching Alanis Morrissette in the worst possible nosebleed seats ever.I remember the day she came told me she was going on one date with this guy.That one date changed her life .We both were blessed to become pregnant around the same time, how lucky we would go through this journey together .Unfortunately my path to motherhood would take a little bit longer as God took my baby to heaven at 12 weeks .Miscarriage slowly took another casualty with it my marriage. As I sat there staring at this ring that use to shine so bright with wonders of forever fade into the jewelry box of dreams.But as one door closes another opens.i watched in awe as this beautiful woman that I was lucky enough to call my best friend walk down the aisle to marry her love her one date love.She cried as she was holding their son as she said her vows and in her true free spirit form she danced barefoot on dirty floor in her white dress with her freshly shampooed hair .I realized at that moment I had slight crush on her too.Its been around 20 years pur friendship has survived miscarriages ,divorce,special need kids,teenagers,babies ,8 beautiful children, she has 7,I'm a single mom my journey just took a little longer to reach .We want to welcome you into our world as we discover motherhood, friendship ,rediscovering our selves at 40 .What got us to this point what got us through this cycle of life was:Loving,Exploring, being Attentive, learn to be Reasoning, and most important Nurturing, welcome to our blog :L E A R N.

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