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JourneyQuest Season Two Crack

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Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Dead Gentlemen Productions continue the epic and hilarious story of dyslexic wizard Perf and his attempt to rid himself of a sword of prop 5d3b920ae0

Title: JourneyQuest Season Two
Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Dead Gentlemen Productions
Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Release Date: 10 Aug, 2012


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journeyquest season 2. journeyquest season 2 cast

This show has it all: a lawful good, undead cleric; a crazed fighter who must kill almost everyone he meets for "glorious honor;" a wicked king with multiple personality issues, and a dyslexic "yellow mage" who runs from any fight he can. It's short enough to watch the whole season in one sitting (maybe 2.5 hrs total), and it's much better than most of Hollywood's creations. Just try it. Watch one episode. If you can watch just one.. I bought this here because I found out I could. It's cheap as , and it's amazing, and if play D&D you will love this. It's witty and punny and great and corny. I love this stuff.. The second season of JourneyQuest is larger and better than the first one. The jokes are improving and the drama is better. It's a great refreshing fantasy series that doesn't take the genre too seriously.. Great job on season two!. I just watched both season 1 and season 2 back to back, and it's the best 3 hours I've spent in a long time. Can't wait for season 3.. Zombie Orpheus Entertainment Provides tons of Crowd funded, free to watch and share Flims and series. All cater to tabletop RPG crowds with well written content that any gamer can truly enjoy. JourneyQuest is a brillianty written series that is funny, but also rich with a good plot and deep, enjoyable characters. From Glorion's dim-witted antics on his search for honor and glory, to Carrow's struggle with his faith as a cleric and his God's aparant abandonment, and even a young Bard's dream of recording it all; each character is given time to build their own story. This allows a deep investment in each character, so that you just cannot wait to continue each part of this Epic.. I first watched this a couple years ago. It's a favorite of mine & one of the best web series out there. Check it out if you get a chance.. The second awesome season following Perf the Superfluous, a dyslexic mage whose dyslexia manifests in completely changing any spell he casts away from whatever the intended effect was. The party is rounded out by a self-righteous albeit meurderous paladin, gleefully slaughtering any 'evil' orcs that appear in his way, especially those that pose no threat. A undead lawful dead cleric and the only competent member of the party, an elven ranger. Hilarious and more than worth watching for fans of rpgs and those who just like fantasy that doesn't have to take itself seriously.. Fantastic series! If you are a tabletop gamer- you will love it! If not-you will still love it.

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