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I am sure that RuneScape as well as Old School RuneScape players

Other measures that the developer might consider as punishment for RWT actions are scheduled to consist of wealth removal - which is basically taking away gains made by players' accounts on an individual server level Buy OSRS Gold. It could also mean possible bans.

RuneScape's PvP element, called"the Duel Arena, will also have more stringent rules enforced. Jagex states that the feature "has been a flashpoint for the aforementioned toxic behavior" and that 38 percent of the bans issued for RWT action up to this point are due to this part that the player plays. It says that already amounts around "thousands of bans per month".

The developer seems to be taking the nuclear option, saying "we're considering in the future to phase this Duel Arena out of RuneScape completely." Until then, it will implement "some quick-term actions" to reduce PvP "until our development teams are able to deliver an update major enough to completely substitutes for the Duel Arena next year."

There will be a cap on the amount of GP or gold point and players will be able to stake the outcome of a game within the Duel Arena. The players will be able to place bets "no over 50m GP for each duel". Other measures haven't been detailed as yet.

Jagex declares that "a completely new experience that will become part of an ongoing Elder God Wars storyline" will replace Duel Arena beginning in 2022 However, no additional details have been released yet.

Although the effect of these changes remains to be seen however, they seem to be one of the most successful measures any studio has taken to prevent external abuse of its systems for monetary gain rs07 gold. If they are successful, similar steps could be seen across the MMO space in the coming years.

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