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How to Create an App from Scratch in 9 Steps

You've got an idea for an app. You understand who your target audience is and what they desire. You already know that if this software is well-designed, it will generate a lot of revenue for you.

But how do you start developing an app? What should you do with a mobile app idea?

If you're curious about the app development process but don't know where to start, this is the lesson for you. Several iPad app development company in USA utilise the same or similar methods to create an app.

Let's get started.

Learn how to make an app for beginners in nine simple steps that are used by many Android and ecommerce mobile app development company in USA. 

STEP 1: Develop a concept for an app.

If you already have an application concept, you're good to go. It's time to take the next step!

If you're still struggling to come up with a great app idea, I've got a few suggestions for you.

#1: Remixing Technique

Putting a new twist on an existing idea or combining components from multiple apps you like is one way to come up with a remarkable app idea.

#2 Take care of yourself.

Make an app that you've always wanted.

This technique appeals to me since basic ideas frequently produce the best results. During a brainstorming session for app ideas, these simple notions are rarely generated.

#3: Improve an existing application

If you think an app is missing a key feature, you can add it yourself.

STEP 2: Conduct competitor research.

We'll now check to see if the problem your app solves has previously been addressed by other apps.

The objective is to determine HOW WELL these competing apps suit the need.

These apps may be outdated, or the developer may have stopped updating them.

It's also possible that none of them meet the audience's true needs and desires.

STEP 3: Make a feature list for your app.

So you can fantasise; this stage is a lot more enjoyable! Create a perfect version of your app based on your app concept.

You don't need to be as rigorous and specific with your own application right now, but it's still a good idea to work out the big picture goal and strategy as soon as possible.

Any feature that does not directly contribute to the app's overall aim should be considered for phase 2. Phase 1 will incorporate all of the remaining critical features.

STEP 4: Create app design prototypes.

You're now ready to think about how to make a user-friendly app. When a visitor opens your application, what will they see and how will they interact with it in order to use its features?

Start with a pencil and some paper. Consider the core screens and navigational elements to begin.

Keep your app's usability in mind throughout the development process. Usability refers to how easy a product or service is to use for its intended purpose. Make sure your software is simple and easy to use.

STEP 5: Create an app graphic design.

Now is the moment to bring your app to life visually by generating a mockup of how it will look.

You're creating a visual design that meets the following requirements:

Shows how the final output will look.

Can be used in demonstrations to persuade investors or partners to participate in or partner you.

Builders can use the graphic assets to include them into their projects.

The work you do in this step will have a big impact on the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of the app.

If you want, you can hire a mobile app development company in USA to help you out or surely you can learn it on your own, if you want to. 

You can engage a mobile app development company in the United States to assist you, or you can certainly learn it on your own.

STEP 6: Create an app marketing strategy.

There are approximately 2 million apps in the iOS App Store. If you want your app to be recognised, you'll need a strategy for marketing it to the right individuals.

The majority of today's marketing is done before the app is even released! Creating a pre-launch email list, for example, is now standard procedure, as is paying for advertising to promote your software.

STEP 7: Create your app using one of these methods.

This is where you really put your programme together, based on the design and requirements paper you created before.

You have a few options for developing your app.

  • Learn to code and put it together yourself.
  • Find a freelancer.
  • Make use of a app development companies in USA
  • Collaborate with a programmer.
  • Make advantage of a mobile app maker.
  • Purchase and customise an app template (or pay someone to)


It's opportunity to reveal your application with the entire world now that it's finished.

To get started, go to the proper app store and submit your app. Whether it's the Play Store or the App Store, make sure you follow the guidelines. This level is also covered in great detail in online videos and tutorials. Learn more about anything by watching the videos. This will assist you in improving your app's app store optimization score and maximising its potential.

The laws and regulations that must be followed in order to launch an app are well-known to an app development company. If you get stuck, you can turn to them for assistance.

STEP 9: Feedback and Reviews

The secret to a successful application is continuous innovation!

Once your app is in the hands of real customers, you'll start collecting feedback.

Some of it is positive, while others are negative.

Take criticism positively and be appreciative somebody is willing to offer advice on how to improve, because if someone is eager to help, there are likely more people who feel the same way but are afraid to speak up.

Release bug fixes, new features, and app upgrades to show that you're continually trying to enhance the app.


We hope you found this article informative and that it answered your question on how to submit an application. Because your brand-new app is only now gaining traction, it's time to evaluate your talents in these areas of the app development process and try to improve them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you seek assistance from a reputable mobile app development agency in USA.

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