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Greeng 2D Dungeon Torrent Download [key Serial]

Greeng 2D Dungeon Torrent Download [key Serial]

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About This Game

Your character is trapped in a world where he has to complete dungeons, one after another, he can not complain, and if he does wrong he will die and he will have to start again. Does it sound?
You can think that it is a simple game of dungeons to have a good time, but the truth is that it goes much further.
You live trapped by completing your tasks, without quarreling, without making the slightest noise, and you try to do your best, because you do not want things to get worse, and besides, you are trapped in that life forever.
Why do you think that the game gives you the opportunity to randomly generate dungeons ?, because that is the way life is, the life you live in is random, and you can get a bad one if you are lucky, a worse one if you do not have it.
If you want to stop being stuck, buy and play Greeng 2D Dungeon and absorb the knowledge and metaphors until you have squeezed the maximum of the game.

Retro Dungeons is a game with an old-style idea of gameplay on a dungeon style, but with more recent graphics and game mechanics

The aim on Retro-Dungeons is to get to the final of complete dungeons ( with lots of different rooms and floors), which means reaching the last room on the last floor. When we talk about "different rooms and floors" is because dungeons are generated randomly before playing, and the best thing about this game is: you can see how the game generates different dungeons randomly!
Before playing, you can select on the menu Dungeon generating tool and choose the size on your next dungeon, preview how is it going to be a play it next.
That means you can plan the size of the dungeon, "allowing you to select the difficult" on a very precise way.

What to expect:

-Different types of enemies and traps throught the dungeon

-Retro esthetic

-Special gameplay: Time in this game only goes foward when you move or attack, making enemies can move when you make an action. But this freature does not affect tramps, because they move even if you did not.

-Dungeons generated randomly by a script and the possibilitie of watching them generate and choose between diffirent dungeons in seconds.

-Easy to understand and simple gameplay, making a game perfect for all ages and tastes

How to play:

-WASD to move
If you move towards an enemy you will make him damage

-T to toggle projectiles

-ESC to return to menu

-Mouse to move trough the menu 7ad7b8b382

Title: Greeng 2D Dungeon
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Garnudo Games
Garnudo Games
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2018


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