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Most of my poems or blogs are deep and what some call depressing o everynow and then I like to dabble on fun side of writings, so here it goes....

Entry One:

Waddle Waddle

I know you like to see him make it jiggle
But better make him cover up his wiggle
Collection of midget porn and girls next door
Jammin to B97 gets you poppin on the floor
Abstinence is the best way to go
To Avoid being on Baby and me reality tv show
For all my single people if this aint for you just Holla                                Buy raincoat at the adult book store just spend extra dollar
STDS are not to be shared generously
So make sure to cover it up and engage in relations responsibly
While you out exploring the adventures of get down and dirty in truck
Take a sec pull out raincoat or in 9 mths you'll we Waddling like a Duck

Entry Two:


If im busy, sick tired as a dog were ways to woe a heart
You’d be mighty busy with many of girls wanting to fill the part
If I would have or could have can be used to excuse misunderstandings
Then divorce rate would be mighty low divorce lawyers wouldn’t be so handy
I meant to I swear I promise next time its just my mind seems to wonder
Could be the reason my dear heart is growing weary instead of fonder
If memories of your smile is all that can comfort me this night
Then why do I wait so foolishly by phone to make sure your alright
If sweet resemblance of tender touch or taste of intimate kiss
Is something you easily forget something you don’t miss
Then if you could you would you forget that you know me at all
Im too busy, sick tired of dealing with this DAWG to accept your call

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Comment by Bobby Z on January 29, 2010 at 1:34am
if your bummed i suggest to check out evolution e-zine on your google scanner transmoglafahcator jah. peace little girl
Comment by Bobby Z on January 16, 2010 at 12:39pm
thats just the way it is, life is just life wherever it is. what do the new agers say? just accept it. own the problem, hold it first and then you have the power to drop it. i am the problem and the solution. these are some of the great deal with love relationship advice type thing. oh heres another famous thing have no expectations and you wont be disappointed.



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