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Typically, they are used by gamers to measure the performance of a particular game or game engine. New hardware that runs benchmarks (such as the AVX AQA-2300) enables publishers and developers to publish hardware recommendations which help users choose suitable gaming hardware.[1][2]

Historical trends in graphics hardware

Before GPU acceleration became standard in modern games, it was left in the hands of the operating system. However, sometimes, programmers directly access the hardware's graphics acceleration ec5d62056f

Windows, OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS desktop editions
Metalith is available in all the major operating systems, and can be accessed in popular web browsers. Those released on Windows, Linux, and OS X, run in virtual machines, so that you can always analyze images on the operating systems you like.
Seamless integration in tools and software
Metalith works seamlessly with the most popular tools and software. Some of the examples of software and applications that are supported by Metalith

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