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Death And The Fly Addons

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About This Game

Players will control two very different characters, Death and the Fly. Each character has special skills that must be used to navigate the many traps and puzzles contained in each level. With many interesting ways to die and numerous opponents to face, the player will be challenged and entertained for hours.

Key features:

  • Unique, grotesque design.
  • Unique graphics.
  • Unique music.
  • Two different characters to control, each with his own skills.
  • Traps and bonuses.
  • Side-scrolling 2D platform puzzle game.
  • Earn gold for the in-game shop
  • Power-up skills.
  • Many deaths.
  • Many flies.
  • Many different opponents.
  • Many hours of play.


Title: Death and the Fly
Genre: Indie
Independent Programmist Group
Interplay Inc.
Release Date: 20 May, 2011


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I am in love with the style of the game, but i keep getting stuck. And now i cant even proceed any further. Friends tried to help but even they cannot find the way i should continue.. "sigh". I personaly found this game to amazing. The artistic style and atmosphere are all that it has going for it the gameplay is very simple and minimalistic. Got this game on special mostly for the interesting art style and i was pleasantly surprised to find a game that is actually good.
The art style is excellent but i guess thats obvious from the pics.
This is basically a slow paced platform\/action game that requires switching between two characters with different abilities in order to reach the exit of each level.
The two characters are original to say the least. Poor ol' death has lost all its powers and doesnt feel very good in this world, the only friend it could find was a fly....mustve been the smell or sumthin'.
When you play as death the game is a platformer, you cant attack but you can toggle the big switches and use keys.
When you play as the fly you can fight enemies, toggle the small switches and fly anywhere to explore the levels.
You can switch between the two at any time and thats required in many situations.
A nice addition are the items that you can find in the levels or buy in the shops that you can even summon during levels if you have the required item in inventory. . They give specific abilities to the characters, like telekinesis to Death and pass through walls to the Fly.
The level design is nice and the difficulty increases steadily as you advance through the levels.

Its important to play the game fullscreen, very hard to see anything otherwise.
The negatives would be the confusing interface, easy to figure things out in fullscreen but in window mode it can be tricky.
Also the game doesnt seem to remember your settings so it happens randomly that music is off when i start a game or it starts in windowed and i have to restart the game.

I found this to be a very entertaining game that i dont regret purchasing. Its actually considerably better than similar games made for the old 16 bit consoles.. I bought this for 99 cents and I regret it to this day.. absolutely \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 game - bad controls, bad mechanics, very boring - don't be fooled by the nice screenshots - graphics is not so interesting in the game.... This game is absolute crap. Don't waste your money. I wish I had bought this after Steam's refund policy changed, that way I could at least get my money back.. Actually the worst game I've played. Only now reviewing because it was part of a big sale. It's just very low budget feeling and controls very poorly.. This game has a major problem, and has had for as long as I've owned it. Multiple computers, graphics cards, and operating systems all seem to have the same glitch, which makes the game nearly unplayable. If I had not purchased it long ago, I'd have asked for a refund.

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