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Download: OPENDCPSERVER / OPENDCP_V1.2.0.0_MACOSX_x64_Portable_4.0.0.001 / OPENDCP_CUSTOM_4.0.1.001

Daniusoft FASTBOOKS DEVELOPER 1.2 is an all-in-one PDF reader with powerful function to help you to read PDF documents fast and save time as much as possible. The ec5d62056f

It's that easy to use, since all the tools are concentrated in a single place.
However, this randomization utility can do a lot more. Given a range of choice, you can even select the top and bottom element of the range. Thanks to its "Randomize Multiple Items from List" function, you can quickly choose a random list of items.
A customizable dice tosser
The application's "Dice Rolling" utility provides you with more than just choosing a random number

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