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So you can enjoy a calming, calming and touch-screen friendly...

Are you craving for beautiful and high-quality desktop themes? Do you aspire for the Moon and Rain features, like on the elegant Moon & Rain by EgoSoft. A wonderful theme which can be suitable for all kinds of computers. It's always...

This is the best backup app for Windows 8 allows you to quickly browse your PC's file system as a sort of "cloned" volume, giving you ec5d62056f

AviScreen Classic (2015-02-25)
- Output files in AVI format
- Real-Time recording option
- Snapshot option
- Time-lapse recording option
- Record the mouse cursor
- Enable capturing the whole screen / specific part of your screen
- Record specific areas of your screen and mouse position
- Set the delay before recording
- Record as a.jpg image
- Record as a.jpg image, adjust the graphics quality

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