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Azorian Kings Torrent Download [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

This is a smart, honest and deep hardcore game. A true intellectual challenge. I just got tired of cartoon casual card battlers, pay-to-win games, random focused game mechanics, timers, energy bars, speed-ups and other free-to-play crap. Together with my friend, various CG artists and game enthusiasts from all over the world we’ve made a game free of this annoying stuff. Play how you want and as much as you want.

It’s original

Rips of MTG and Hearthstone made by studios with huge marketing budgets have filled the market. Piece of cake: popular franchise + successful mechanics + $ = $$$. We’ve made an original title. We realize that it's a huge risk. I’m sure the question: “Damn, what’s just happened?” - will be a pretty popular thought. Skillful in another game? Forget your experience. It's not a rip. Mechanics are original but very logical. Don’t hurry. Read, examine, experiment. Enjoy discovering the layers of the game. We have almost forgotten this feeling.

It’s honest. No pay-to-win

There are no paid advantages in PvP. Don’t wait for compromises or casual stuff. PvP is extremely intense. One mistake may cost you the victory. You can win or lose in a minute. Everything depends on your strategy. It’s a true fight of intellects. After the first 20 battles you will respect that guy on the top with 3000+ wins. I don’t know how he’s made it. Especially with the cards he had.

The AI is unique

There is a lot of PvE content in the game. Feeling so powerful after victory in Elven Fist mission? Try challenges, limited time events, side quests and daily quests. You always have a possibility to grow. The AI is brilliant. He does not know your cards, so no cheating. He used to be so good that we had to make him dumber because he ruined the server. Still don’t wait for favors from him. He’s not as creative as you but he knows how all the cards work. Wanna a core fight? Only 20% can finish the story.

It’s finely balanced

No strongest race, strongest card or warlord. The balance is perfect. There are no imba decks. You can suddenly lose from a weak bot. Though I hate random there is a luck factor in the game. Why? Because it’s a great balancing tool. It gives a chance to win like in real life. But fortune favors the prepared. Choose from the 300+ card pool, 18 warlords (with 3 skills each) and get ready for any surprise.

It’s really variable

Race tactics are different. Warlords are different. Some of the cards are pretty complicated. Use them as a scalpel not as a hammer. Gonna play as an assassin? Don’t pick up the dwarves, they are heavy, slow and prefer fortification. Your choice is the elves. Like meaty heavy rush? Don’t pick up the undead. They are controllers, have powerful spells. But ghosts and skeletons do not have a lot of health and it’s logical. Your choice is the orcs. Or mix them with other cards. A deadly stab in the opponent’s back by an elven assassin is a good start for the orcish rush.

Now it’s role playing through strategy. You are your army. To me, role playing is not about spreading experience points or choosing who to sleep with virtually. It is your own unique battle style. The game gives you enough content for that. You can play as a mage or a warrior, an assassin or a tank, a necromancer or a paladin and more.

To improve social interaction we’re already working on a huge update with clans, a global map with POI and a non-linear campaign. We need your support, guys, to make the game live on Steam.

So what is Clash of Cards about? It’s about how intelligence wins. How intelligence gives us a chance to win the hardest battles.

Who asked for a hardcore and honest old-school collectible card game?
Here it is.

Daizor 7ad7b8b382

Title: Azorian Kings
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Azorian, kron0s_alexey, Pavel_Balakin
Elina Faritovna Balakina
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2018


Amazing card game with strategy! Good game mechanics, user-friendly interface! I recommend to all fans of card games!
. Game is confusing and buggy. Tutorial didn't load until i tried to quit the game. After trying to quit again, it loaded its store page in full screen, and I had to force it to close.. The game gives surprisingly much content for $10. There are a lot of things to explore: a campaign with side quests, challenges, events, and PvP. There were minor technical issues in the game but it looks like the development team are going to fix them. Keep working guys, thumbs up :). kills my time, I really liked this game. Similar to "Magic the gathering"

Fast paced no instructions no room for mistakes original play style & quality art work. The (AI) is a little to smart at times, where it quits if the AI draws a bad hand also if its losing mid battle it just quits. Saying that, learn the cards memorise them the game isn't to hard to play it just takes time. Most people complaining coming from MTG it's due to (no paying for boosters or pre-made pro/league decks) suck it up.. The sounds, the graphics, and the mechanics in this game are all so utterly generic. I just can\u2019t into it.. i really enjoy the game. it's hard to play - one mistake and you're dead. That's cool. and the art is stunning i love the dark fantasy.. Both gameplay and storyline are original. Gameplay is not a genius, but not a failure. I like the idea of the powerful three-eyed immortal summoner taking powers from his creatures. Looking forward seeing the rest of the story.


I am adding new UI features.
There might be temporary issues today. I hope we will finish it in one day :)

UPD: All previously announced UI features are added except the filters in deck manager. We will keep working on them tomorrow.. NEW class of cards - COLLECTIBLE! :
These powerful cards will stay secret until you get it.

You can have only 1 collectible card of one type. They come in the first dealing always and cannot be crafted.

You can summon them occasionally OR get as a reward during special side quests.

Besides, THREE new ordinal cards:
. MAINTAINCE - 04.07.18!:

I am rebalancing several cards now and adding a new one.
There might be temporary issues today.. Campaign is replayable now!:

It was one of the UI features that the players used to ask for:)

Click on your avatar on the main screen. You will see the "Amnesia" button.

Click on it and you will start the campaign from the very beginning. You will also be able to replay all the side quests! You will need 1 elorite to perform the Amnesia ritual.

I have added side quests for the first location recently so I encourage veterans to use Amnesia too.

Check the first location again and try the new PvE experience. That's how all the locations will work soon :). UPDATE: some of side quest bots were replaced:
Feel free to write to me if you think something wrong in the game!

I have occasionally found that a player is attacked by three aggressive bots after the 8th mission! It was just a typo in the code and now it's fixed.

Don't be shy to share your ideas and experience. We are continuing to make the game better together!. Game features - Warlords:

The most important thing about the warlords - they come in certain dealing always! So, you can count on them :)

Each warlord has three skills, but you need elorites to unlock them. But even with all skills unlocked a warlord still has vulnerabilities.

The warlords have a race preference: a paladin will not guide the undead army, - but some of them can be combined. For instance dark elf Shikaree with succubus Ardath.

A warlord cannot be sold, sacrificed or summoned. You can only hire or chase them. You will need to pay him everytime you hire him.
. Kugrock-Bash-Ghar REBALANCED!:

I have improved third Kugrock skill to make it more playable in compare with the third skills of the other warlords.

I have found the idea to make a build with common and uncommon cards interesting :)

Note that in this build you need to protect your Kugrock at any cost! He will be the highest priority target for your opponent.

PS: Ordling was nerfed. Now he gets +5 points to damage instead of 15 per every orc on the field.. Introducing the Clans: Vendors' Guild & Lovaudor:

Lovaudor - a warlord of Vendors' Guild.

"The castle gates will always open for gold-laden donkeys". Vendors can buy/sell materials and cards.

Vendors' Guild - is an absolutely neutral clan. So the main character point for them - moral character point "Neutral". The second character point - "Balanced". And the tactic character point is a "Universal".

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