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American Patriots: Boston Tea Party Torrent Full

American Patriots: Boston Tea Party Torrent Full

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About This Game

AMERICAN PATRIOTS: BOSTON TEA PARTY is a turn based war game. Conquer the redcoats in the American Revolutionary War and gain independence from the British 5d3b920ae0

Title: American Patriots: Boston Tea Party
Genre: Strategy
Cult Software
Cult Software
Release Date: 19 Sep, 2017


famous american patriots who took part in the boston tea party. american patriots boston tea party

When I bought this game, I was expecting to lavish in the memories of my glory on the battlefield, but instead I got what George waited years to give me. Some damn troops to command. Although 99c is expensive, with the money I had leftover from creating Wall Street, founding the first national bank, Coast Gaurd, and New York Post, I was able to spare the dollar. The gameplay itself is pretty enjoyable for your casual general, but the lack of specific details and women to have affairs with hurt it a little. All in all it's a fun game and I recommend it to all patriots.. A great game buy it. Good points It's dirt cheap hmmm ermmm thats about it Bad points you can only play the bad guys It's dirt cheap for a reason Its just a cash grab, a nothing game from devs who think stack it high sell it cheap really has no redeaming features at all. Paid $ 0.62 for the game. It was fun for 51 minutes until the game crashed. The game awards you scores when you win, not sure how the scores are calculated but I've not even been close to cracking the top 10 so far. One important thing to note about the game is there is no grand strategy map, just various battles that you continue to play (if that makes any sense.). I mean its less then a dollar, there are 4 battles. game is basic but its fun imo. At that price its worth the buy it will give you a few hours of enterniment.. nice lil game, has lot of potential.. It is a very simplistic yet enjoyable game that leads you through the battles in the American revolution. One can come to enjoy the details on the map with the locations and added details of documents added onto the map itself. Overall I would for sure recommend this to anyone who likes turn based strategy for a simplistic, and relaxed experience.

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