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Fashion- In honour of David Bowie-

I had to post that last song called "Fashion" with the inestimably = sad passing of David Bowie, as the song was inspired directly by him and his art----- I hope some people enjoy it THx-Brian

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Save and Help Homeless Animals

Check out my Song and Video "ADOPT A PET / SAVE A LIFE"

No person or animal should be homeless on the streets EVER.

I write songs that can change things.

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Songs That Can Change The World

I believe the most powerful force on the Planet is a Great Song and Video. For a long time now the SUITS have only wanted songs that are Vanilla and not prone to cause any controversy. I have songs like that at barrydbutler channel at youtube. What do you think about this? AND what song can you think of that had that kind of force behind it? Do you have a lyric or song or Book that has that potential. I also am about a third of the way through a story called…


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Featured Artist Dec. 10: Ian C. Bouras - Musician

Our Featured Artist This Week is:

Ian C. Bouras - He's a guitarist and instrumental musician. Check out his songs and videos.

"gentle and meditative...pretty guitar...unusual sonic mixture at times...atmospheric...inventive orchestrations...intriguing...reveals sincere talent." - Dan MacIntosh

Where Music, Poetry and Art Meet



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Passenger on the Radio (lyrics)

We knew each other in another lifetime

Riding the rails far away from here

Stumbling home in the wee hours of the night

Playing music in the street, hiding from the summer heat

We knew each other in another lifetime

We loved each other like we would for a lifetime

We ran out of hours that the heart devours

Wasted and new, buried and blue

You had another lover in another lifetime

Fled from tears, city streets and…


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Guitarist Ian C. Bouras pushes aside Ataxia with new String Endorsement and Upcoming Gigs

Bouras forges his own unique musical path, inspires others while bringing awareness to his rare neurological disorder

Guitarist Ian C. Bouras, who has publicly challenged his rare and progressive neurological disorder, Ataxia, has landed a new string endorsement deal with StringJoy and announced two upcoming gigs in New York State.

With Ataxia, Bouras is dealing with a condition that contributes to the deterioration of his coordination, affecting his ability to play the guitar…


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A World At Peace by Greek electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis

Greetings from Greece!

My 8th instrumental electronic music album titled A World At Peace was released on 15 June 2015. You are more than welcome to stream and download my new music album for free at…


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My Love Is Hardwired in Me (lyrics)

My Love Is Hardwired in Me

I wandered through the streets

After midnight in the rain

Fog lifted high above me

Raindrops turn to misty morning

And it's all about you

My love is hardwired in me

All I can do is love you

My mind is always finding

Ways to rise above the hollow

Dreams that unfold

Is it all a game

Is that why we came here

Is it all in my name

All in all there's no…


Added by Signe Miranda on September 26, 2015 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Ian C. Bouras Begins Preproduction On His First Unique Live Looping DVD Absence

A New York musician named Ian C Bouras is making waves in the music scene. With a pioneering new twist, he starts this week by laying down the foundations of his new live looping DVD.

With an impressive background in music, Ian has become more than just a musician. Acting as a one man band, Ian has learnt to produce, perform and fine tune every aspect of a music performance- He can even perform this live.

With his latest…


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Ian C. Bouras Showcases His Diverse Music Style On His New Album Release Pieces of the Past!

As native of New York City, Ian C. Bouras is best known for his work with the reggae/rock outfit known as AñaVañA. After serving as the band's touring guitarist, Bouras received an audio engineering degree, which allowed him to better understand his craft and exercise his creative ability. A few years ago, Bouras was diagnosed with a rare and relatively unknown neurological condition known as Ataxia, which inhibits coordination. Because the condition has left Bouras unable…


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Ian C. Bouras Showcases His Diverse Music Style On His New Album Release!

Ian C. Bouras Showcases His Diverse Music Style On His New Album Release!

Nominated by Billboard Magazine as one of the top songwriters of 2004 and 2005, Ian C. Bouras is a multi-instrumentalist and renowned session guitarist. Having worked with icons in various genres of music, Bouras’ music is best described as electronica, that incorporates elements of world music genres including Spanish classical guitar, reggae, and American jazz. The result is “Pieces Of…


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Hi, everyone

My first post, Google

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Time keeper

Alone in this darkness

there is no guiding light

the air  is thickening

it suffocates your will to fight

like a mime without using words

who tells story with just his hands

you try to let them into your chapter

but noone seems to understand

demons have become hard to slaughter

thier fire ignites your fears and their will to live

leaching on to dreams that you hold onto

until you have nothing left to…


Added by Melanie Hebert on August 12, 2014 at 4:02am — 1 Comment

New Method of "Live Looping" Helps Musician with Neurological Condition Play On

When Ian C. Bouras, a guitarist and producer from New York was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Ataxia, he thought his guitar playing days were over.

The condition, the name of which comes from the Greek word meaning "without order or incoordination" means that Bouras has difficulty controlling his movements to play an instrument.

Sufferers can find that the movement of their hands, legs and other appendages becomes…


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Gary Tipping-artist review

“Another great music video by British singer/songwriter Gary Tipping and starring Indian model/actress Geeta Vij. This is a well written and produced acoustic pop song which once again showcases Gary’s musical abilities and an excellent music video which once again showcases Gary’s directing abilities. This is the second time Geeta Vij has appeared in one of Gary’s music videos and she lights up the video…


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Gary Tipping-artist review

“For those music fans who enjoy the songs of Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and James Taylor then look out for British singer/songwriter Gary Tipping. He has a unique way of touching the heart and soul of a listener with his soft vocal style and emotive song writing. This is folk/pop at its best.”…


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Calmness in you is not avid

Drip the lines

The ridge of life could never be inert

A presumption

Grow the trees with bones

Murder all left none.

Added by Malaya Roses on December 8, 2012 at 5:30am — 3 Comments


you and me sara  ya freakin know we had it all

tried to throw it away

 smashed your head against a wall

 trendy dundas ossington

pseudo-hipster scene we had a ball

we got into a screaming match

 cops didnt mind at all

oh such sweet times

ill hold them close all my life

even closer when im about to die

cos ill need some one to jerk off to

at that time

im hopin that'll really be alright

you and…


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Hope For Undone Peace

In the silent nights, I was dreaming about you

Wings were spread like an angel

Came to me, came through me…


Added by Malaya Roses on November 23, 2012 at 10:25pm — No Comments

something so fucked

somethin so fucked up in the oneness

of our governances of the dumbness

past lives aggression

rip it out from the root of our collective

massive expectation, depression

clearly, manic mad fucked ambition

more freakin freedom,,less derision

from too much disciplinin

fuck every fear

fuck this prison

america still wealthy beyond belief

thirstin for more, rarely relief

time to barely…


Added by Bobby Z on November 21, 2012 at 4:30pm — 5 Comments



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