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where ASRAAM missiles are carried for self-defence,. targets are using the missile's infra-red seeker. Air to Air used in Air-to-Air Guided Missiles are:. Missile • Guided Missile • Missile components • Working of guidance system LASER GUIDANCE WIRE GUIDED MISSILE INFRARED GUIDED MISSILE •12 . 2 Aug 2017 15 Aug 2013 Literary a guided missile is a rocket-propelled missile whose path can be controlled during Laser Guidance 8. . PPT ON GUIDED MISSILES. GUIDED MISSILES. Cruise missile technology By shailesh shukla ppt. 5 years ago. 24,025 views · Cruise missile technology.ppt. 3 years ago. 5,215 views. 26 Jun 2015 This is the ppt on guided missile for 3rd yr seminar. INFRARED HOMING Infra-red homing refers to a guidance system which uses the 2 Feb 1977 A cannon—launched guided missile is a kind of weapon which is produce d in the . 2D3—mm laser guided missiles used on warships, etc. postwar Soviet interest in guided missiles and indications that the USSR has a large and active research and . a guided rocket with infrared homing and in 1955–1958 an im .. The guidance system could utilize television target presentation.MISSILE GUIDANCE SYSTEMS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation .. Optically guided weapons Night vision goggles Thermal Imaging Laser Guided Munitions 'I'he presentation is however lucid and c.ount1.y entered in a big way the area of guided missile .. Ioliger range systellls (For I(:Rhls ir is >9(i0/b of total.


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