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Jimmy felt the soft pine needles on the forest floor beneath his feet, cushioning his steps from the solid earth below. He wandered through the forest behind his cozy cabin home on many an occasion, to ponder life and earth and freedom, or anything else that would come to mind, but this day was different. There was a strange feeling in the air, a breeze of deception, a scent of change, a lingering eeriness. Fear shot up his spine as the branches tossed in a sudden wind, tapping him on the shoulder, from behind the impending darkness, brought on by the setting sun.


Snow began to fall, ever so lightly. He focussed on individual flakes, catching them on his black suede gloves, watching them slowly melt into oblivion, as the moonlight brought on a calm that put his nerves at ease.

The snow-kissed leaves began to glisten as the moonbeams danced from tree to tree. This put a smile on Jimmy's face as he turned his face to the sky and closing his eyes he felt each snowflake that gently touched his cheek and lips. This was his first walk in the woods since the accident, and he remembered wondering if he would ever see these familiar sites again.


As he was wondering those thoughts soo long ago, a foul smell enter into his mind. It smelled like rotten meat left out too long. He marched forward deeper in to the forest to find out what the smell is coming from. The smell got stronger as Jimmy walk forward. He came to a halt when a dropet of wet liquid desended from above and landed on his cheek. He wipe the dropet off his cheek and study it. In seconds he found out it was blood. He slowly look up flowing the blood. Jimmy realize that something was up there. Something big, heavy, covered in frozen blood and fur. 

Jimmy look around to see how to get it down. He found a wire tied to one of the branches of the tree. Pulled out his pocket knife to cut the wire. The knife could not cut through it. It look like simple fishing wire but it was tougher than steel. He broke the branch of the tree instead and the thing above crashed down to the ground.

Jimmy observe this thing and found out that it was a cougar. This cougar was butchered, cover in cuts and slashes, and it's head was severed off. Someone must of fought the cougar in close combat and took the head as a trophy. 


Being on the force has giving him experience in crime scenes. When he used to work in the L. A. he see everything. Things from armed robbery to psychotic rage crimes scenes. This was no different.

As he study the area of what of happen. Someone tracked it, hunted this animal, took the head as a trophy, then hang it up high like game. What distrubed him was that all he saw are cougar tracks and not of the hunter's. The cougar's tracks shows signs of it dashing back and forth, some with one paw print missing, telling Jimmy that the cougar did strike back but still no hunter footprints. Now he felt nervous, knowing that an expert hunter was able to fight off the cougar without make one foot print, getting hurt and hang it 50 feet in the trees.

"The world keeps getting weirder", Jimmy said to himself.


Suddenly a branch broke, Jimmy heard it. He turned, the forest was empty. He stepped away from the dead animal and slowly turned a full 360 degrees, ending up facing the empty forest again. He didn't see anything but the moon light was poor. He thought he saw something out in the distance. He figure the snow fall could make all sorts of shapes.

The empty slience was replace by a usual sound. It sound like a bird and insect nosie together. I t startled Jimmy making his heart race, making him look all around the area. He look up at the trees, scanning left to right. Then he saw it. The snow that settle on top of this being give it away. However this hunter had perfect camouflage. The prey was supposed to see him.


It desended from the trees landed with perfect balance. It made slightly and odd blue eletircal waves move all the shape revealing it's true form.

It wasn't human. It stood on two legs and was shaped more or less than a man, but it was too big, and fast. Jimmy saw its feet in their heavy silver sandals, saw the four toes with their curving black talons. Saw the grayish-yellow legs, the gleaming metal greaves, the black netting that covered its body. Metal gadets wrapped on its arms and shoulders. Wore a faceless mask with two glowing eyes, looking directly at Jimmy.

It cluthed it's right wrist and two long metal blades shot out and fiddled its wrist.


It rose its head and says, "This World Keeps On Getting Weirder" 




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strange story i suppose.....maybe these otherworldy beasts are responsible for cattle mutilations....or...or ....they are from parallel universes evolve enough  to slip back an forth through the veil.....kinna trippy eh




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