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oh great...the next time i get high i'll be unable to not think about teflon spine. at least not until i figure out some deep meaning for that or at least i'll imagine ive found something. noi doubt it will seem profound.  dartboard light reminds me of my first hash experience 25 years ago where the lights in the room started to jump in segments like my mind was progressing along a dartboard, stopping very briefly at each segment. strange memory but kinna fun

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The only Teflon Spine I'm aware of is Warf's, Star Trek TNG, which classified him as a non-slip Klingon.
I wish that were mine, but I have to credit Belinda Wu for that one.
How much would you weigh if you were really self absorbed. Would this be a continuous process or would you only absorb yourself until you 'sploded, then who would clean up the mess?
Title- "Everyone Goo"

Everyone's equal - now for the sequel -

Everyone's mobile - now let's go global

Everyone's shy - with their third eye -

Everyone's me

Everyone's you -

All of our drama dreams are there too -

Nothing to do

But be everyone goo




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