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Place to Get Business Cards, Flyers and Stickers Printed?

Does anyone know of the best/cheapest place to get business cards, flyers and stickers printed - online or in Toronto?

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Hi Signe,

I've printed a lot of my clients' cards at (they're in California so it's actually about a week for us here). They are cheap, do good quality work, and offer either a glossy or matte coating at the same charge (in Canada no cheap printer I've found will offer a matte coating -- something many people like because you can write on it -- I typically do the front glossy and the back matte). They also offer rounded corners on Business Cards and a wide variety of other items available to print. Once you're on their email list and a customer they'll send you monthly special offers.

If you want somewhere locally, I can recommend Go4Color with the URL -- however they do not offer a matte finish, nor as wide a product list as Overnight Prints. Go4Color is currently offering free BW printing on the back of cards, free color back printing on 5000+ cards, and heavier print stock on 1000+.

Both printers mentioned will do Business Cards, Postcards, Bookmarks, Flyers, Posters, etc.

With Overnight Prints you upload your art to their server and proof online. Go4Color allows upload or drop-off (since they're in Toronto).

There are LOTS of other printers like this in Toronto (as long as you don't want matte coating). Just check the yellow pages. The reason they are cheap is because they gang up their jobs to save money. The drawback is you have no control over color accuracy. If that is an issue you must go to somewhere like KwikKopy or Printman, etc. where you can do an actual press proof.

If you go with anyone else locally, make sure that they are not printing on a color laser printer, etc. -- some will do this -- the quality is substandard and can't be compared to offset printing.

Whoever you choose, for best results remember to submit your files as CMYK (not RGB); vector outline format is best to ensure quality; any raster/bitmat (e.g., TIF, etc. -- don't use JPG) elements or files should be no less than 300 ppi.

All the best,
Thanks for the information Kevin.
I know it's a long time ago that this post was made but, relatively speaking, I just got here.

I've gotten all of my business cards through where they are virtually for free.

Go to the site, design your card on-line there and then the only thing you have to pay for is the delivery.
It cost me under nine bucks to get 250 cards delivered at the cheapest delivery option (less that 3 weeks).
I've done this repeatedly and once I even used the business card option to print up tickets for a show.
All you have to do while going through the process is repeatedly default to the cheapest option (while every key stroke generates another choice for more icing on the cake).

Signe Miranda said:
Thanks for the information Kevin.
Thanks John,

I was looking into Vista Print. They have a good deal.





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