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hey , whos really got time to sit around and read a decent book. it seems a luxury for those who forgot to already be settled and wealthy. as for me i'm crammin success focus into my little mind. success goal is write poetry, put it to music and promote it with bizarre comedy skits and spontaneous craziness. so i guess ill write books myself until i get an up in the cash world and then i can afford to educate myself.  for now i find i need much study of books on evolution. so far neale walsch books seem to summarize the basics and that saves time and endless searching. seems like fast food for the soul but whatever works is my motto.  maybe check out n walsche and see if it works in the spiritual help dept. P.s. i dabble in browsing sylvia brown books. she seems flakey but people just cant seem to get enough of that crazy psychic shit. that would be funny to compare notes on her books. theyd be so easy to pick apart shes somewhat of a simpleton and makes wild claims that are hard to substantiate.

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