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“Merchants have no country.
The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”
Thomas Jefferson

“Every kind of ignorance in the world all results from not realizing that our perceptions are gambles. We believe what we see and then we believe our interpretation of it, we don't even know we are making an interpretation most of the time. We think this is reality”.
Robert Anton Wilson

Predatory Capitalism

Alone, all righteous men yet firmly stand;
against one’s pride, that beast destinists bought speech so rues;
self-devouring flesh and soul, such shame;
humankind lives in troublep, raging against itself.

Self, as nation, in great divide so drowns;
in watery scum alone, beat down by sloth and greed;
wretched wealth, this bourse where house solely gains;
unrest proves its yield; sown seed, breeds fear’s consuming waste.

Current’s trends, stirs time’s primordial sludge;
pulling apart, this sesterce artefacts eterne ties;
society’s earn, no card monty’s slight;
chains slung drag low, life’s abused by lip smacked rhetoric.

Dragging wrists, exposes living’s dark edge;
under whose thumb, remains one’s bleak epicedia;
societal purport, profit’s blithe pledge;
means all things for the few, and for the plebs, each life scourged.

Tension’s stake; this great Nation’s heart bled dry;
bleed out, is that cry slippery lipped neo-cons lisp;
life’s credo descend, all euphony skewed;
peace tastes the taint; minds shuttered blind by profit’s ah so.

Calamity’s nisus, Dick’s and Jane’s souls;
reason, lays defeated, life’s portends time coldly scolds;
nationwide dissuasion, politics’ goals;
treason exemplified, ‘Eisenhower’ so foretold.

Syllogism, their right against what’s left;
expostulated speech and rule, sans retribution;
realpolitik’s, frame foolish bruteas;
sub-rosa, tit for tat; fuels future revolution.

Fear is congealed, in where vast monies go;
driven by fiscal threats, life grinds down all peoples hopes;
masses, cling tight to living’s moral spokes;
revolt; seeds strife to delight of folks neo-cons coax.

Pictured this; the neo-cons rights’ all white;
innermost, encircled alum and mindsets uptight;
adyta’s known, within groups minds incite;
ambits cordons, truth’s dim through Eris’ pawns contrite.

Boast’s toast reveals, all freedoms for their bourse;
concealing jesters, in smiling heists each cut a fourth;
worldwide; this fraud, from reame of first Reich’s source;
cabal’s frontier, in alpine deep and swished myth perforce?

From birth to death, one’s sold in ‘station’s’ grasp;
strife comprised, creed motto: cash through chaos-kiss our asp;
comes depth to thought, whose eyes will light unclasp;
justice enured then thrives, as parity signs life’s cusp.

Twelve times, our life clocks have morbidly toned;
numbers extolled in fears, by so many mindless clones;
dictate this to those fiscally disowned;
freedom waged and won through bloodshed keeps US in our homes.

Mind’s thoughts and facts ring out truths’ obvious;
blinds yet drawn, suggest to these beasts their cocksureness;
future’s chase, flee or face present’s foul mess;
dawns next rise brings self’s change; read Thalia by Arius.

From yang towards yin, and then on through to pun;
thoughts rule one’s jewels, unless truth becomes one’s number one;
into minds true, streams those thoughts which become;
actions, the answers, changes for all; whose will be done?

Societal mores, presently condemned;
sickness imbibed, life’s knowledge taught now surely burns;
species unearthly, challenged allies all;
ending’s ‘One’, now owns the teacher’s ever sharpened rules.

Season’s leave, nature’s progeny yet turn;
phantom eidos, in image, indorse earth’s mantling;
future’s façade, all life soon disembogued;
hope bleeds this trend; once far removed, worth begins again.

Our wills bow, once lined in time’s passaged writ;
midheaven’s rules elucidate; tool twice focused prompts;
initiate, forevermore one’s hand;
rulership ill-gained has spawned, wealth’s malevolent hand jive!

Michael Darrell Walker

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Michael Darrell Walker , 

Your said it well and questions are guiding the scope of this poem. All about us and all about current trend of material and selfish life.

Well done and with love ..... 



I like the idea- we don't need to be so predatory in order to have happiness-------that is my opinion

Aloha Brian...

I have been... busy... getting busied yet, the words keep on flowing... thanks for the comment... "in order to have happiness"... now that is an interesting proprosition... the happiness factor is bogged down by the weight of the pursuit of profits over the extension of the idea of a common factor within the humane experience of the physical plane... a bit of profundity amidst the punditry of the point within this work... corporate faggotry... this is the issue which needs replacing... with a bit of common sense... an opinion nevertheless... I Will to be around more often... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michael.
Brian Allossery said:

I like the idea- we don't need to be so predatory in order to have happiness-------that is my opinion

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