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So I have a question to pose?At what point in our lives does our childhood, past experiences effect our Past,Present,Future.If you take a Criminal servicing jail sentence or a politcally elected leader, celebrity winning a oscar, they are very different in many ways but also have something very similar in common. They will acknowledge that it was their family, friends that got them to where they are today.As society we usually except this.But does the same theory apply to addicts.Coming from a family of alchol/drug addicts/depression.At what point does the excuse of bad childhood, past experiences become less of a crutch to lean on.Why is it that people in same surroundings can look at life so differently.How can some propser and yearn for better life, while others willow in self pity party and can not envision a future without all the baggage that weighs down their opportunities to grow.Its easy for people to judge to make assumptions too offer their words of wisdom.So what is your opinion?

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It's all up to the individual. Everything affects us especially early trauma. The desire to rise above it is the key. How much do you want freedom and how open is your mind to possibilities other than you seem to have?

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