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An argumentative essay's introduction should be as good as the opening statement of a trial. The writer must outline the issue at hand and provide background.
Start with a Hook
The introduction should start with a sentence to get the reader's attention. An introduction can be a quote from someone you know, a personal story, an interesting statistic or question. These will pique their interest. A good example is if you want to convince people that smoking should be prohibited in public places. You could begin your introduction with a quote or a personal story. This strategy grabs the attention of the reader and introduces the topic.
Include Background
The background of the argumentative research paper topic can help readers better understand the topic. This history and context can make it easier to explain and support your argument. You can, for example, argue against the existence of a military draft in the United States. Your introduction may include information about the history and circumstances that led to the abolishment.
Make your thesis
The thesis summarizes the main idea of an argumentative paper. It summarizes the main point of your argument in one sentence. A thesis statement should present a position on one issue. This is something that a reader could argue against. The thesis must not be factual. As an example, suppose a professor asks you to write a thesis on war. Your essay's rest should be used to support your thesis.
What to Leave Out
A good introduction should not only describe arguments and provide analysis, but also avoid describing them. Your introduction should not be about presenting your point but rather laying out evidence to support it. While your introduction serves as a roadmap for the rest, it should not be explicit. For example, "I am going show you that is true" or "I am going tell you that These types of setups do not add any pertinent information, and serve only to fill in the gap.
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