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5 Social Media Applications That Have the Most Complete Features Today!

Social media applications are now a tool that seems to be owned by any internet user on this earth to communicate and appreciate themselves. Not only is it a place to share the stories of your daily life, social media can also be used by many people to initiate communication between each other. Not infrequently, social media applications are often used as business media to become a buying and selling platform.

For those of you who use social media, the average time you spend playing social media can reach 3 hours 26 minutes in one day. The number of users of social media applications in Indonesia also continues to grow from year to year. As many as 59 percent of the total 272.1 million Indonesians are loyal users of various social media applications that are often used today. This figure increased by 8.1 percent or 12 million people compared to the previous year.

1. TikTok

Tiktok is one of the most popular applications today. This short video making application is equipped with many features, guys. From music to unique stickers. TikTok is commonly used to provide creative videos from its users around the world. Starting from singing, dancing, makeup, cooking you can find easily on this one social media application.

What you must know! TikTok is currently one of the social media applications that has the fastest development compared to its competitors in terms of the number of downloads, both on the Google Play Store and AppStore. In fact, many sources say that the number of downloads for the TikTok application has reached more than 300 million users in 2020.

2. Instagram

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month. A very large number for a social media application for sure. The Instagram platform is one of the most visual social media.

Instagram is a place for exchanging messages through pictures, videos, to reading. Equipped with various filters and new features in Stories, Instagram is increasingly in demand by users. Those of you who are looking for a social media application with a myriad of features, you really must use this Instagram application as your mainstay application.

3. Kipas Kipas

Well if this one application is an application that has just been released recently. Kipaskipas are present in the midst of many social media that already have millions of users. This social media application by Indonesia itself offers many features in it. Besides being able to socialize with media, Kipaskipas can also be your mainstay application in online shopping.

The reason is, in this one social media application you can also buy the items you want directly without having to switch applications first. You can also read a lot of the latest and interesting news in this newly released application.

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