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Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition Download Easy

Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition Download Easy

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About This Game

Do you have what it takes?

Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition is a psychedelic fast-paced game with a simple aim: you have 30 seconds to avoid deadly projectiles from a sadistic eyeball. EYE will do everything to kill you, and it includes rockets, shurikens, giant snakes, robotic tentacles and more! Surviving brings you to the next challenge, but don’t take it lightly: if you die, EYE will send you back to the previous level(s)!

Why “Black Eye Edition”? Because the challenge of this version will punch you in the face really hard!


  • A new Psychedelic mode for a mind-expanding visual experience
  • 5 new levels wild deadly mechanics for a total of 25 unique environments
  • A Training mode to muscle up your game before challenging the EYE
  • 4 difficulty levels: the further you go, the harder you are punished for your mistakes


Zero Reflex is a little game project with minimalistic and clear design but with very addictive and frustrating gameplay. Do you have what it takes? Fun Fact: the initial code name of the project was The Reflexx 2. Due to similarities with many other published games the team decided to go with the name "Eye Will Survive!" which is a pun title inspired by the song "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor, which after the soft launch was again renamed into Zero Reflex. b4d347fde0

Title: Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition
Genre: Action, Indie
Exordium Games
Exordium Games
Release Date: 5 Nov, 2015


zero reflex black eye edition

nice and fun. I'M GONNA WIN IT BIG MOMMA. If you're here for the game itself and you're only interested in it, buy it.

The game runs smoothly, has catchy music, cool minimalistic graphics and have this sense of "just one more try" feeling.

But if you also care about its development and the famous 10,000$ prize don't support it. Developers have proven to be a scam.

First of all, anything they say it's hacking will be reported as that, with no further explanation. They don't say what methods they use to check if runs are legit or not, and don't provide any source of screenshots to see if they're aiming properly with their scripts.

Secondly, the game was beaten legit months ago. Amaklav\t<\/a> did it time ago but was nulified for "abusing the pause menu", and immediately updated a new patched limitating the pausing during levels. So they literally changed the rules during the contest. Gamers outsmarted them by "cheesing" the game and they considered it as "hacking". And since they're the ones who give the money, who can obligate them?

And finally,
CreamyBubble<\/a> beated this game fully legit, and even reco... (https:\/\/\/watch?v=7lFDcvX_9kk)<\/a>. Devs simply came and say "we detected two hacks including wall hack so this is not legit". I dare you to check the vid and tell me where's he hacking.

I'll leave here the thread were everything is burning:

So long story short, don't support this game for the devs as they'r...

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