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World of Warcraft: Weapon Warrior

    Weapon Warrior is a branch of the warrior profession in the famous online game World of Warcraft. The talent is a strengthening weapon system. Compared with the violent talent, the weapon's weapon talent is focused on strengthening the damage of various weapons (two hands). In particular, crit damage has increased the explosiveness of weapon warriors.
Weapon warriors have long been called "battlefield talent" because of the high damage of the two-handed weapon, the slow speed, and the instability of the copy output, but because of its high explosive power, it has a strong PVP ability.

Talents mainly strengthen weapons. Compared with violent warriors, weapons warriors are good at holding two-handed weapons. They can cause a lot of damage in an instant, but because of the slow attack speed of two-handed weapons, and the limitation of the fighter's anger slot, it is difficult for the weapon warrior to become a copy. DPS.
The change in weapon talent after 3.0 made the weapon warrior a good melee output. With bloodshed + severe injury + suppression and a 0.5 second slam, the weapon warrior can not only generate a lot of damage but also assist the team's other physical output occupations.
    In the World of Warcraft Cataclysm, the weapon warrior once again climbed to the top of the DPS. Compared to the newly opened version 4.3, the weapon warrior output is slightly better than the violent warrior. Players are welcome to use WOW Classic Gold in the game. With his help, all difficulties can be solved and help you build your own team in the game.

    Mists of Pandaria

The skill damage of all occupations has been adjusted in the mystery of the Pandaren. Many talent skills have become general or specialized skills.
Removed the field that was originally equipped with remote, sacred, and throwing items. All weapons will be placed in the weapon field. Long-range weapons, including wands, have been strengthened and become more powerful. Ranged weapons no longer have a minimum range limit.
Intelligence no longer increases the upper limit of mana. The upper limit of mana for all occupations only changes with the level. Spirit is still an important attribute of the healer.
Hits and spell hits merge, and now hit attributes reduce the chance of melee and spell misses. Precision now reduces the chances of dodge and spell misses, as well as parry.
Precision now displays the percentage as directly as the hit, rather than displaying it as an intermediate value. We unify the hit and precise calculations, and now each 1% increase in these two attributes requires the same hit/precision level.
A ranged attack can be dodged. Hunters will be able to benefit from precision.
Resilience is now renamed "Defense (PvP)" or may be "PvP Defense." Player damage to other player characters is reduced by 40%.
PvP equipment will have defense attributes as well as a new attribute "PvP". Strength increases the damage you do to other players and the amount of healing you have in other players in the PvP environment.
Removed spell resistance and no longer increased the gain of resistance. The increased resistance of all racial talents will be reduced to reduce spell damage. The spell penetration on existing items is all replaced by PvP strength.
Improves the cooldown of all spell breaking skills.
All dispelling skills will have an 8 second cooldown. If you find the game upgrades particularly difficult, you can purchase our service: WOW Classic Power Leveling. This service can quickly upgrade your game level in a short period of time, and solve some difficult tasks and game mode, so that you can easily enjoy the game.

new skill
The Battle Flag (Level 87) throws a flag at 30 yards to intimidate your enemies or inspire your comrades. Each time you use the battle flag, you can choose one of the following effects: Challenge Battle Flag: Forces all enemies within 15-30 yards to attack you for 6 seconds, and the battle flag lasts 30 seconds.
Frustration Battle Flag: Reduces all damage dealt by all enemies within 30 yards by 10% and the Battle Flag continues to 15
Skull Battle Flag: Increases the critical damage of all the squad and team members within 30 yards by 20% for 10 seconds.

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