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World of Warcraft starts Halloween event now

World of Warcraft starts Halloween event now


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MMOS is a low-key, best-in-class vacation destination where you can change your perspective to browse broad maps, themed events, and celebrations in the community.


World of Warcraft and its earlier version of World of Warcraft Classic will open Halloween events in the near future. Their goal is to become the main venue for this year's Halloween. The event will be held now and will be held until Halloween. The annual Halloween event will be held in both games. Players can follow their own wishes to choose the main event venue.




Both the Horde and the Alliance observed that more information about the end of the Winners was a celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Adventurers have a lot of skills and hobbies in their search for fun, including defeating headless knights, visiting hotels and cities to find masks and costumes. If you are lucky, you will also encounter masks, accessories and other equipment with added attributes.




Due to the obvious content limitations, the WoW Classic's Halloween event is not as deep as the full retail version of the event, although in both cases there is a lot to see and do. As for what happened in World of Warcraft before 2004, and where can complete the task, you can find it using the query system. Players can access the Wickman Music Festival through the Dark Caller Yarkkaer Yanka near the Wickman Statue in Tirisfal Glades, while the Alliance players can talk to Sergeant Hartman on the South Bank. Find the event task.

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