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About This Video

World 1-1 is an independent documentary on the early history of video games. The personalities of the pioneers, the creations of the engineers, and the challenges, technol 5d3b920ae0

Title: World 1-1
Devolver Digital Films
Release Date: 15 Jan, 2015
Country: United States
Running Time: 131 minutes


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM


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It is a good documentary, but i also question a few things about it. It is focused on the rise and fall of atari, which was the fastest growing company in the history of USA. But it fell just as quick later on, only to pass on the stick to other companies in the business. Especially Nintendo, now nintendo is hardly ever mentioned in this documentary. They do however talk about magnvox odyssey and odyssey 2, which i personally owned myself. But the documentary seem to turn it's shift into how fantastic activision is, which was a company started by some people that left atari back in the day. And they were so much better at coding, had so much better games, they were so much better at everything. Well, this might be true, some of the old games by activision is really good. But at the same time, there were a big industry growing with many contenders, many good games made by many different developers and companies that is hardly mentioned in this documentary, but activision get their money's worth big time. And this, i do question. Did Activision pay for this documentary? Today Activision Blizzard is the biggest game production company in the world. And they are known both for making good games and spew out sequels every single year, only to make more money. Well nothing wrong in that, because people buy it. But they are portayed quite a bit in this documentary, without any of the competition being mentioned, exept companies that does not exist or mean anything anymore. Which i find to be sucpicious. Other than that it was an overall good documentary, and i recommend it.. TL;DR 8/10; because it is not a game. I pay for games; i do not like paying for a documentary that should be found on PBS. Luckily, I won this in a GA from SG, just because it tells the story of the legacy of this industry. There has keen insights for many of us techno/nerd personalities that come straight from all Dilbert punchlines: Be careful as you make steps along your career path because often you feel forced to make deals with the devil to accomplish your goals. The engineer wakes up next year to realize that he designed himself out of a job through the previous year. The business people can be savy enough to continue their work if they can just corner you into working in the arena where they want you to stay.. This documentary is 2 hours and 7ish minutes long, and it actually kept me intreagued through the whole thing, extremely facinating history.. So yeah, I started watching it twice now and both times I woke up not knowing how it ended. All I can say is that I enjoyed the first 30 minutes.. u0412u0441u0451 u0447u0443u0434u0435u0441u043du043e, u0442u043eu043bu044cu043au043e u0441u0434u0435u043bu0430u0439u0442u0435 u0440u0443u0441u0441u043au0438u0435 u0441u0443u0431u0442u0438u0442u0440u044b, u043fu043eu0436u0430u043bu0443u0439u0441u0442u0430. u041cu043eu0435u0433u043e u0437u043du0430u043du0438u044f u0430u043du0433u043bu0438u0439u0441u043au043eu0433u043e u044fu0437u044bu043au0430 u043du0435 u0434u043eu0441u0442u0430u0442u043eu0447u043du043e.

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