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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV's Shadowbringers overhaul jobs, part one

There are four jobs that we know of which are getting some major reworking in Shadowbringers. For a game with fifteen jobs, that's not so bad; one healer, two DPS, and one tank. And none of these jobs are even terrible, to be fair, which is a testament to the strength of Final Fantasy XIV's design team. This is why I think it's interesting to take a look at all four jobs and ask why they need some significant redesigns, as these have all been singled out ahead of time as jobs in need of more love.Play Final Fantasy XIVObviously, we don't yet know what the jobs will look like at 80; we don't know what any jobs will look like at that level, and FFXIV Gil ever job will have some abilities changed, some trimmed, and some altered as part of the redistribution. But these four are going to look pretty notably different. So let's find out why.
MachinistThe bane of Machinist in Stormblood has been trying to keep Gauss Barrel relevant, resulting in the Heat mechanic. This in and of itself is all right... except for how it interacts with Wildfire, and results in a job with a razor-thin margin of error to be useful.For those of you who don't play Machinist, the root of the issue is the interplay between Heat and Wildfire. Wildfire is a debuff you apply to a target that "stores" a certain amount of the damage you deal, exploding after 10s for a big burst. Heat, meanwhile, accumulates through most of your weaponskills; while Gauss Barrel normally increases your damage by 5% and you get a boost to your normal skills at 50 heat or above, reaching 100 heat puts you into an "Overheated" state for 10s that increases damage by 20% and also shuts you out of Gauss Barrel for another 10s.
At its core, this is... a decent start to Buy FFXIV Gil things. It makes sense, for example, to overheat and fire off your Wildfire at the same time, to get the most out of both 10s windows. All fine and good, right? Except that you may have also noticed that this gives you a really narrow window to actually play the job, juggling a whole lot of things at once and requiring a perfect execution of setup, burst, and aftermath.You only want to overheat here. It is very difficult to perfectly time that without using Flamethrower, which essentially is useful only as a way to overheat at this point. And you have to spend a bunch of time getting your weaponskills perfectly queued up ahead of time with ammunition, and having your turret out, and then all of it goes straight into the trash if the boss jumps before Wildfire wears off.

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