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Apple cidar,gingerbread cookies, trimming on a tree

Believing in a higher power bigger then you or me

People of all ages participate so many things to do

Tell me what does christmas mean to you

Sleigh riding, making snow angels in the snow

Expecting mother or the way a newborn glows

Hoping Santa double checked his list through and through

What does Christmas mean to you

Sings christmas carols out of tune

Eating holiday treats you hope you will work off by june

Standing under the mistletoe waiting for their cue

What does Christmas mean to you

Lost searching for meaning of faith through streams of christmas lights you roam

Going to midnight mass thankful you have family. shelter and a home

Reflecting on the past year of regrets that you can not undo

What does Christmas mean to you

Celebration of life, spirit of giving

Love in all forms is the reason worth living

Forgive yourself first and your heart will open as it is suppose to do

Embrace the spirit that Christmas brings to you.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday.

Done by: Mel H

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