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There was a refreshing in the air; the kind of morning that you find after a spring shower. The birds were singing, quite oblivious to that darn old cat of mine as he lay upon the window seat, looking hungrily at them. That will have to wait for another time I thought, he would have to settle for his Meow Mix, poor boy. He had been a grand bird and squirrel stalker in his day, but now the only birds he catches are in his dreams as he naps before a roaring fire.

That day was going to be a special day around here. Oh, I was not going anywhere, and there were no plans to do anything fancy, but I knew it was going to be special, just like today has already been made special by my being able to share my silliness with you.

Have you ever had one of those days? You cannot put your finger on it, it is right before you, but the 'what' and the 'who' and even the 'why' won't reveal itself yet, but a grand day is a coming! To me it is the little things in life that makes the difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘smashing’.

Take today for example. This morning I heard the birds sweetly chirping their merry tune and watched with amusing abandon as the Peacock and Skipper butterflies flew amidst me flowers. Gone are the little ones for whom the mothering Robin had been seeking food, as recently as last week it seems; and in the distance a woman is practicing a song for Church...sounds good. I look forward tae hearing it again in the Chapel come this next Sunday. Her lilting voice floats easily through the early morning dew, warming my heart and preparing me for whatever lay in store.

I believe that today will be one of the grandest days you will have as well, my friend. You must make a decision within your heart tae make it so!

Remember this: " Remember this: "To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:" Ecclesiastes 3: I must hurry now, Mr. Mokey, that old, fussy cat of mine, will not wait any longer far his vittles.


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