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About This Game

"Welcome Above" is the VR experience that allows you to actualize your personal dream of flying like a bird. No matter if relaxedly gliding through abstract aesth 5d3b920ae0

Title: Welcome Above
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Racing, Early Access
Framefield GmbH
Framefield GmbH
Release Date: 14 Dec, 2018


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:</</p>


welcome to the clouds above. welcome to my humble abode. welcome above. welcome to heavens above. welcome to night vale lights above the arby's. welcome sign above door

OH MY GOODNESS WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. I bought this game because it was cheap and looked nifty. I played it once and was bored with it, but never uninstalled it, intent to one day revisit it and explore its potential. TODAY WAS THAT DAY. Oh my goodness the intensity! The psychological thrills as you pay close attention to the numerous details invested in every aspect of the game design! It goes beyond game, to the thrill all die-hard VR fans with their thousands invested into bleeding edge VR technology for home entertainment desire. It's an EXPERIENCE. Mario, Samus, and Link (I'm a Nintendo fanboy so forgive my limited references) revolutionized gaming by giving us an EXPERIENCE. What games lacked visually didn't bother my young mind because the intensity of the character driven story and my participation therein gave me a fulfilling experience as a little gamer. Welcome Above renewed that feeling for me today. The same thrill and awe I enjoyed my first time as a kid playing shareware Doom on my dad's work PC when it first came out in the 90's, It was the most incredible thing to me, a whole new experience. Like the first time you play a new video game on a new console kind of experience. It's INCREDIBLE. In VR, for me, it was like that 95% naked blue guy thay did weird stuff with a pterodactyl in that one movie where he then got to fly around a bunch of 3D movie mountains on said dinosaur but they were all mentally-organically connected so it was all unity and togetherness type hogwash kinda thing. That kind of experience, you know? Welcome Above did that for me today. I returned to this purchase, understanding the basic mechanics and ready to give it another go, this time carefully following the track while trying to pick up every boost and bonus. As you progress in this admittedly short but intensely fulfilling play through, the difficulty ramps up steeply. I found myself turning all around, appreciating every one of those 360 degrees of VR freedom. I was craning my neck upward to look for the tops of floating mountains, and looking down where my feet no longer existed at the endless ocean beneath. I found myself flailing my shoulders about desperate to reach that next bonus. Until my shoulders became somewhat heavy (holding your arms out like a stark raving lunatic while playing this game regularly is highly recommended for those toned shoulders you've always wanted), and I paid no attention to why I so desperately craved the next bonus. I was immersed in all this beautiful scenery, carefully crafted challenge, divergent paths, and tantalizingly placed bonuses. Then I realized that I was being given feedback on my maneuvers. I'm the competitive type and accepted the challenge, and oh my goodness was it a great experience! Now I don't want to say any more lest I spoil the incredible twist in this game. I intend to play this often, just for the fun shoulder workout if nothing else, but also in search of alternate endings. You'll see what I mean when you get this game. Have you got this game yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO. TL;DR - I really like this game. Provision of proper praise plentifully for a pleasantly programmed play like Welcome Above by presentation of proper payment is politely petitioned, please pass on piracy. Prices and participation may vary. Not available in all territories. Not responsible for lost or stolen time. Your mileage may vary. Not for use with other reviews. License provided by Emperor Xenu. By reading this text you agree to all terms and conditions*. See insert for details. No refunds. Batteries not included. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.. Probably the most potential to be the best experience I've played on VR. With that said, I've only played a small bit of time and so far, need more content. I realize this game is going to turn into multiplayer, but for the single player, please add more achievements. More environment. Epic story. Kinda reminds me of journey. Anyway, after the heat of a shooter, this is a good relaxer.. Great game, although it isn't for me. Some parts of the game spooked me, but that doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable! Personally, I refunded it. It spooked me. But if you like things like this, it's for you.. This feels more like a tech demo. The controls don't feel right and it's just not a fun game. It sounds fun, flying through the air in VR but it's not implemented well. I'll be requesting a refund.. Just really, really boring. After 5 minutes you've done all there is to it. Definitely a tech demo for a controller scheme, more than a game.. i love flight simulations. here you fly as a bird in stylish levels to cool music. especially i like the way you control the bird. it feels somehow super natural. you have to flutter with your arms :) the content is with about 30min still quite short, if you stick strictly to the guidelines. here should absolutely come more. but with the price you can't really complain. another thing: i am actually very sensitive to motion sickness. after one hour there were no signs of it.

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