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We are not aware of to what extent these “similarities” are really the

We are not aware of to what extent these “similarities” are really the, but we all do know which the battle royale mode certainly wasn't invented with PUBG. Plot twist: H1Z1 made it happen first. Dozens, maybe many games made it happen first.
The statement also includes these, that could FUT Coins be a potential supply of trouble for all involved:
“We've had a continuous relationship with Epic Games throughout PUBG’s development because they are the creators of UE4, the engine we licensed for the sport.”
Seeing that Bluehole is “contemplating further action” against Epic Games, we doubt that PUBG wouldn't find some trouble from the future with Unreal Engine 4 support and Buy FUT Coins licensing. We're just guessing, though, once we don't know how these deals fully operate.
In another related news, League of Legends execs are concerned over Dota 2 similarities, and FIFA 18 is worried over PES 2018 resemblances.
Do you would imagine Bluehole contains the right to fear?

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