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About This Game

"Wait" is a mystery horror game, inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series.
The gameplay is put together by elements of exploration and riddle solving.
We want to offer a different kind of horror. A horror without jump scares or fighting monsters, but with the fear of the unknown and unimaginable.

What is "Wait"?

The game is all about atmosphere and we wanted to support that by giving the player the opportunity to interact with almost every object at different times during the game.
It's about exploration and discovering what is happening around you.
Everything in "Wait" is experienced by a young man, the player knows nothing about. And it's intended to be that way.
You are literally thrown into another mans life and you can find out more about who that man is, by exploring.
His behaviour, his characteristics are slowly revealed through interacting with objects or continuing with the story.

"Wait" may be inspired by the Cthulhu mythos created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, but doesn't actually take place in it.
There are some references here and there, but what was most important to us was the feeling and the atmosphere Lovecraft created in his stories - the fear of the unimaginable.

About the project

We originally created "Wait" for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. It was a contest in which you had 4 weeks to create a game, using any official engine. Since the contest was hosted by the RPG Maker Team we decided to go with their engine.
Although the engine was made for roleplaying games, we saw potential for an adventurous horror game.
During development we grew fond of our little project and once the contest was over we didn't want to let go.
There was still so much we wanted to implement, but due to the time limit of 4 weeks we could only do about half of it.
That's when we decided to do an extended version to "really" finish the game, add more details, enhance some visuals, erase plot holes and add some more story content.
But that's all just supplementary. "Wait - Extended" has the following features:


  • Atmospheric exploration gameplay
  • Alternative endings
  • Dynamic replayability (Successive playthroughs will not be same)
  • Achievement system
  • Hidden storylines

We hope you will have as much fun with "Wait", as we have working on it. Every feedback is much appreciated.

Our website: 7aa9394dea

Title: Wait - Extended
Genre: Adventure, Indie
rest.less Games
rest.less Games
Release Date: 29 Oct, 2015


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A good little mystery with great atmosphere.. An Excellent RPG Indie Horror for those who like replayability with a twist. Playing the game over multiple times reveals more of the story and enhances the risk factor of dying.

The lovecraftian and silent hill themes work really well with the game and is definently recommended for those who are looking for a different kind of horror game that really changes pace.

See how we did here:\/watch?v=5AE4OvQLpPY\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=5AE4OvQLpPY<\/a>. This is Cthulhian mythos horror done right. Definitely worth playing to 100% completion. This game is worth every penny if you love the slow burn of a Lovecraftian style mystery that will linger in your mind for a while. *Emphatic encouragement of Cthulhian spooks done right!!*

Plus, the soundtrack is great for giving the spooks in your own day to day situations. RPGs? Check. Board Games? Check. Halloween? Check. Romantic Dinner for two? Double check!! :D

Bonus note: the Devs are still paying attention to the discussions, so if you have a problem, they at least are still around to help, even while they have new stuff in the works. I got stuck and wasn't sure why and they helped me out without giving away the puzzles, so good on them. I am looking forward to their next game, The Quest Giver, in the hopes that it will satisfy my budding inner GM.

***Kinda SPOILER-y soooo, don't read if you don't want to know.***

And in case anyone thinks this is empty praise, I will point out it's "flaws" (which aren't really flaws but things you may not expect.)
-This game is relatively short. (There are several "levels", so don't stop the first time you hit an end screen). It's not annoyingly short and does have some replayability to it (but after you have 100% that replay might be a few years down the road), but it isn't a 30+ hours of action kinda game. I liked that about it. It stuck to it's story, kept it simple, and didn't feel the need to over do it.
-If you aren't paying attention, you can skip the nuanced changes in each invocation. This adds to the ambiance so do NOT skip dialogues\/inner dialogues until you've played the whole game at least once. (You'll know when you get to the actual ending.)
-The actual terrifying "I don't want to go into the next room. I'm about to cry and shut off the game" level of horror (that I absolutely had during the 1st invocation) doesn't last the entire game, but Lovecraftian horror doesn't usually work like this anyways. It's more of a slow burning, nagging curiousity that makes you want to go back and stare even longer into the abyss even if you know you could die, which this game gets down like a BOSS. So even though it is inspired by Silent Hill, it is not FNAF levels of constant fear and tension (which if you are expecting this, you will be let down). But like I said earlier, it IS the lingering Cthulhian kind of unsettling that you want from a Lovecraft-horror game done RIGHT. Cannot stress that enough. :D. I went into this game expecting it to be a short, hour-long story with easy achievements. I was wrong.

This was a really good game. I loved the layering of the playthroughs, which all led up to the final meeting. It was very unsettling and the story really draws you in and gets you thinking. The puzzles were a good level of difficulty, requiring thought but not impossible or unfair. I also love the information in the last book after you complete the library!

Overall, I'd say the game was well worth the price, with content far exceeding my expectations.. I strongly advise any prejudice you may have against rpg maker games to be set aside, when considering purchasing this game the story it weaves is top class and had me always guessing and eager to unrevil all the mysterys which only got more complex and intriguing as you progress. 9\/10 for me the only cons really are that some of the puzzles and side missions are pretty obscure to trigger\/complete if not looking at a guide.. seems so \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665in endless
piece of\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665. A game that was surprisingly good for how simple it looks. Wait surprised me in how effectively it used lovecraftian themes, such as the idea that humans are insignificant and cannot comprehend the greater nature of reality. This is executed extremely well and is not just expressed by making all the bad guys fishmen.

Wait has multiple endings that happen based on what you do at different points, and almost every acheivement for the game is a secret ending or weird side-story. That being said, the choices you make are hardly clear and this detracts from the game a little, as you have to play the whole game over and over to get many of these endings and results. For instance, you are given an opportunity to leave a tool, or keep it, seemingly at random. If you keep it, you miss out on a potential ending. Thats a strange concept, especially since you are given an opportunity to drop it later but if you try to, your character simply refuses to do so.

The puzzles, while usually pretty obvious and clear, sometimes are just you bumbling and reloading a save in an effort to try and get through an area with all things intact.

And finally, since you cant restart on just any night, you need to play the game 4 or more times to get all the endings and the whole picture, and thats IF you dont miss anything on any of those playthroughs. this can get very boring if you are like me and dont like doing the same hour long sequence 5 times just to see a new text box.

Overall, not a game I regret buying. Was nice and creepy, and to my surprise you can in fact die and there are foes in this game to avoid and run from. The multiple endings will appeal alot to many gamers, but it feels like an artificial way of increasing play hours to me. The game took an hour and a half for me, going intentionally slow and redoing things to see what happens, and subsequent playthroughs will be shorter naturally. Buy it on sale and you will not regret doing so, especially if you love the atmosphere of drowning that lovecraftian works give off best.

. This game is so good and so much more than I expected. It was creepy and it has a really good story. 10\/10 would recommend especially if you love rpg horror games. I finished this game in one go. I just NEEDED to know how it ended, only to realise that if I truly want to know I'll have to play through the game 4 more times. And tell you what, I love it. It's very subtle and atmospheric and I can't get enough of the amazing sounddesign that has been done for it. Developers, I take off my hat for you, because this is truly an underappreciated gem that deserves far more spotlight than it has received so far. I'm recording a series of let's plays of it as we speak and I will be certain to feature a link to this steam page with every episode.
All the best to you, and I hope to see more games from you in the future!

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