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About This Game

Upside Down will immerse you in an incredible adventure. Sharpen your reflexes for this fast-paced, precise puzzle-platformer. As a scarecrow armed only with your sharp wit, you will have to face deadly traps and dangerous wildlife to reach your goal. Each level is distinctive and exotic.
Figure out genuine puzzles and take the right path toward your salvation.


- Unique levels
- Challenging puzzles
- Interesting obstacles and game mechanics
- Beautiful graphics and animations 1075eedd30

Title: Upside Down
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Just1337 Studio
Just1337 Publisher
Release Date: 14 Feb, 2017


A great simple platform-puzzle game and that's all there is about this game. You navigate the main character towards the blue onion-looking alike house per level. There is a good amount of levels (40) that you can choose to play a few at a time or play it all at once like I did. None of the levels were drastically difficult, but a few will get you excited for sure. I was definitely okay with the pace of the game and didn't feel bored from level 1 to level 40. The game has two types of levels: paced and not paced. In the paced levels, you will need a bit more skill and memory to recall when to flip and when not to flip the character as you progress in the level. In the non-paced levels, you can take all the time you want to map out how you want to progress with the level. Throughout the levels, it was fun and the music kept me entertained. Overall, this is a good game and I don't mind paying $2 for it. Not much replay value unforunately, but worth it. Minor things: 1) once or twice when I clip the corner, the main character gets stuck and can't move left or right; the only way to un-stuck was to flip up and down and 2) sound-effects did get slightly irritable, but you can change that.

Perhaps a time-attack/race 2 players (with up to 4 players - couch) edition can be in the works? Having certain levels and then racing a friend(s) would be nice.

For the value and this type of game, I would say 8.5/10. This game could definitely be improved, but it was worth the coupon. Lasts Around an hour (Less if you're a good puzzle solver and platformer), easy to get achievements if you can beat the game. Soundtrack and story aren't phenomenal but the simple mechanics make it easy to learn and lets you think around the puzzles. A bit(lott) tedious towards the final levels, of which there are only 40, but a good short game that could be fun to speedrun. Hitboxes are kinda weird tho.. Funny game ^^. Game: Upside Down
Genre: Platformer
Publisher/Developer: Just1337 Studio
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 42/100
Value Score: 4.2/10

• Story: 2/10
• Characters: 2/10
• GamePlay: 3/10
• Graphics: 6/10
• Sound: 3/10
• Music: 7/10
• Length: 3/10
• Replay Value: 5/10
• Player Value: 1/10

+Level Selector

-Poor Level design, the physics clash with the objects
-Required to use both controller and Mouse/keyboard if you ever use a controller as some button prompts require mouse/keyboard
-No graphic/setting options , very bare bones
-Music loops between three tracks and never on point so its a constant loop throughout the entire game
-Achievements are so easy to obtain, like giving candy to a baby.. Simple cute puzzle game.

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