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Handle this thing
With gloves and a sting
Accept the bad news
With booze and the Blues
Our mettle is lost
Sold for a meal
The chicken was good
The bread’s a bit stale

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Comment by Bobby Z on February 5, 2010 at 3:36am
sold for a meal is so obviously biblical, like esau sold his birthright....yeah, yeah, me and every other brainwashed bible school debutante sees that one. the chicken was good refers to swiss chalet where all christians go weekly as part of their creed and the bread was stale means you are blaspheming JESUS CHRIST!!! (and the baby jesus) cos that 's fucking blasphemy unto eternal sin....the bread is the most holy on high of all times type representational, substatutional, glorious straight to the throne of god levels of importance and your trifling with it????? ah what a twisted path we wend oh sinister ones. god help us all

Comment by Bobby Z on February 5, 2010 at 3:29am
oh now yah've gone all fancy with the haiku......welll toody for you and that cheap mutt of a guilt complex that you drag behind like a sack of wet cant fool me ya know..ive studied psychology part time for almost 25 years on the street level man...........and that means not fancy book learnin but the real canada...real rough....and even tough.....P.S.- i'll even overlookk the obvious michael jackson super gay metaphor "handle this thing (pecker,schlong,long dong silver) with gloves!!!!!!!!!!111cmon thats way to obvious. and sting well i wont criticize your own personal tastes in manflesh but me personally i dont always respect his music so i'd have to be half drunk to fuck him. well okay he is rich and famous and aging not so bad i guess.



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